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Emilia – Sex Queen of Finland

Sex Queen of Finland

Sex Queen of Finland

Porn used to be illegal in Finland. In recent decades, censorship has declined. As far as porn production, there’s very little of that in Finland. Emilia was one of the uncommon Finnish sex stars.

Emilia was V-Mag’s 1st Finnish model from Kirkkonummi. And you may have thought “cunnilingus” was inflexible to pronounce. In ’98, Emilia came to the America to make her porn vids since there wasn’t much going on back home. This babe made Fourty three titles in all, almost any of them in one year, but that babe by no means hooked up with Curvaceous during that trip to The United States of America and this babe eventually returned home. This scene was discharged in Finland several years later.

“I always love anal,” said Emilia, a buxom, charming blonde with large natural marangos and wide areolae. “The bigger in size the dick, the better I adore it in my booty. Unfathomable inside my gazoo, in and out rigid. When Samson was about to cum after pushing his large schlong inside my anus, I told him to cum on my chubby, bigger than run of the mill marangos. I know this is what studs who like bigger than standard scoops wanna see and I adore it too.”

And cum Samson did after a rare reverse tit-fucking that u do not watch often. This position allows the goddess to engulf and lick a guy’s nuts and lick his booty crack whilst he’s sliding his lever between her boobs, one of these sex acts that’s a total porn position. Tragically, Emilia didn’t take up with the tongue Samson’s ass during the time that this chab reverse boob-banged her but that babe did tongue his sack as it dangled over her nice-looking face.

So Emilia got the anal dicking with the big pecker that babe wanted in this super-raunchy scene from Curvaceous Xtra 8. Anything about this video fits the definition of classic indecent, sleazy porn. Emilia even handpicked the gent Samson who pounded her adore a madman then sluggishly permeated her arsehole until he pumped up up speed and depth.

Seeing this scene anew makes us wonder what happened to the Sex Queen of Finland who turned 39 in 2014.

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Valerie Rose – Do You Think Valerie Rose’s Tits And Pussy Are Cute?

Do U Think Valerie Rose’s Bra-busters And Snatch Are Cute?

Do U Think Valerie Rose's Mammaries And Love tunnel Are Cute?

When a lady with a body like Valerie’s says she has three kids and three grandchildren, you’re seduced to call bullshit. But she’s telling the truth. She lives close to her children in sunny Florida just so that babe can assist out. Of course, when she’s not caring for the kids, she’s out getting her fur pie and rectal hole filled.

“I love having sex with youthful boys. They’re so vigorous,” Valerie, 47, told. “They were all friends of my children.”


“My kinkiest and almost all risky sexual encounter was with the preacher’s son in the back of the church during the time that his daddy was out in the front preaching to his congregation. The kid was maybe 20 or Twenty one and indeed nervous. I poked him down on a bench, sucked his wang and mounted him. This ladies man was so cute!”

Cute? Sucking some guy’s dick out back of a church is cute?

We think it is sexy. And slutty. Just like Valerie Rose.

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Svetlana Kozlov – Butt-Lovin’ Lover

Butt-Lovin’ Paramour

Butt-Lovin' Lover

Boyz, give a hearty welcome back to Svetlana, a pretty beauty with a adore of anal. “I’ve always been really into butt-sex. Ever since I can remember, I have been diddling myself on the front and on the back at the same time. I grew up in a charming conservative household that not at any time discussed sex, so when the time came for me to hook-up with boys I had no idea it was deviating. My 1st boyfriend of course didn’t tell me, either! This chab was getting anal just as much as wet crack! Now I have calmed down a bit and do not give up my anal opening for just someone. I make males work for it. I have discovered that if I let ‘em think that they’re convincing me to try it, then they take more pride and acquire more satisfaction with out screwing my arse. I need to have lied and said a dozen lads that they were my 1st. You’d think they’d figure it out when I am having orgasms left and right with their dongs in my wazoo. U don’t do that the very first time.”

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Micky Bells – Angel With A Red Dress On

Gal With A Red Dress On

Angel With A Red Dress On

“I don’t suit to attract attention but I get it in any case,” says Micky Bells, now ultra slim and still big breasted after months of diet and exercise that have transformed her body. “I too prevented eating takeaway food and I sleep more. I feel quite wonderful about all the attention people give me.”

“I hope all the boys still love me, but I don’t know,” Micky said. “Maybe there’re some boys who liked me bigger, but I’m not worried. I know there will be others who will like me as I am now. Anything balances out, yes?”

“I still go on cam but if I had not become a photo glamour model, I’d have not travelled to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica, so adult modeling for SCORE has given me many opportunities to see the world and to meet other impressive girls love Hitomi and Terri.”

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Cherry Brady – Anal invasion On The Office Desk

Anal invasion On The Office Desk

Anal Sex On The Office Desk

Redheaded sweetheart Cherry Brady’s 1st hardcore scene takes put in an office, a fitting location since Cherry was a receptionist in California when this babe 1st contacted The SCORE Group about adult modeling. Cherry was a Curvaceous mag subscriber in advance of this babe ever decided to model and this babe quickly became a superstar the day her 1st images appeared in V-mag and SCORELAND. This scene is from the DVD Curvy Xtra 8. After this desk sex office fling, Cherry did two more boy-girls in the DVD she wrote, Paramount Cherry. That babe actually likes sex, especially performance-style sex involving a lot of hawt tit-sex and dressing in the kind of outfits that give guys involuntary erections. Which is why it’s not a nice idea to view Cherry Brady movies on a plane or a train.

Cherry likes to view porn herself and solo movies of Big-Boob vixens masturbating and playing with their big milk shakes. “I love when they talk a lot and I was watching this clip the other say and it has Natalie Fiore in it and she talks so much! And she has this accent! I dunno if it’s love French, but she is just fondelling her titties and talk, talk, talking like, ‘Oooh ju know ju crave me Babee…’ and I loved it. I was adore, ‘Oh, you hot whore, you!’ I like when a hotty talks a lot and interacts with the viewer.”

“Every single beauty, you lads at SCORE make ‘em look fashionable, you say wondrous things about ‘em. And you dudes have given tit studs their own little place to come and watch what they love. Dudes who adore big milk sacks, naturals, fake fun bags. You know, all other porn, the angels look exactly the same. It’s love you can stamp ‘em off from an assembly line. U boys bring all kinds of beauties, in all shapes and sizes, one’s not more amazing than the other and u know what? I adore that. I think it is great.”

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Mallory Starr – Flexible as Fuck

Flexible as Fuck

Flexible as Fuck

Mallory is merely 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 100 pounds, but she packs lots of sexiness into that petite frame. Inspect how flexible that babe is, likewise. She starts out this clip by stretching her limp hips, touching her twat to the ground during the time that doing splits. Her buck obviously wishes to see what this babe can do bare, so this chab receives her to undress down to briefs and a under garment. He is a fuckin’ genius. In a short time she’s pulling her white thongs into her sopping soaked muff, getting them completely wet. It doesn’t take long in advance of she is fingering herself to a good, loud big O. Priceless things come in diminutive packages, right?

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Samantha Ray – Happily Married And Fucking Two Strangers

Happily Married And Banging 2 Strangers

Happily Married And Rogering 2 Strangers

Samantha Ray, a 46-year-old MILF, is happily married. That is what she says. And it’s very possible that she’s happily married because her boyfriend is perfectly admirable with the idea of his beautiful, hot wife flying off to our studio and rogering porn bucks.

Today, Samantha Ray is intend to screw 2 porn fellows. They’re plan to poke their dongs down her face hole and screw her muff. They’re plan to make her bawdy cleft gape. They’re intend to cum all over her pretty face.

“And I am intend to enjoy each minute of it,” Samantha Ray said previous to the rogering began.

Samantha Ray is a soccer Mommy from Michigan. That babe wears string bikinis to the beach.

“I have been said that I’ve a priceless a-hole, gorgeous feet and great hair. I am a natural in front of the digi camera. That’s probably ‘coz I’m a flirt.”

We wouldn’t call what this babe is doing here flirting. This babe is way past that.

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Trish – House Party Part 1: Getting Started

House Party Part 1: Getting Started

House Party Part 1: Getting Started

South Florida–Miami and South Beach–is well known for the wild antics that celebrities and able athletes sometimes acquire up to around the many hawt lap dancing clubs and restaurants. But some of the locals have even more enjoyment when they throw anything-goes parties like this one in Little Havana. So we took our clip cameras along, not truly knowing what to expect, but we sure as hell didn’t expect to see what we did. It was an exhibitionist and voyeurs’ screw fest!

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Amy Anderssen – Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Chick

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Seeing Amy Anderssen jerk a hard schlong with her own pleasant hand until it explodes cum into her face hole which then leaks on her mountainous knockers, is one of the highlights of “Hittin’ The Mega-Boobed Office Babe.”

But let’s backtrack. A PC nerd has been asked by Amy to fix her PC at work. This is a great dream for any fellow who ever worked in the IT department and dreamed of banging a co-worker with big bouncy bosoms. Indeed, large is not the word for Amy Anderssen. Massive, screwing juggs is more appropriate.

If you are not a geek in an IT department, you could fast-forward right away to the cock-sucking but why not enjoy Amy’s tight cardigan expose that spreads this video? This babe looks magnificant.

SCORE veterans may remember Amy from 2007 when she first appeared in SCORE magazine. This babe didn’t look love that babe does now. Back then she was Jayna James. She was a Canadian blonde with a sexy body and greater than average, but smaller, titties.

“I was completely different,” Amy recalled. “I had way smaller wobblers. I think then I was around 900ccs. I was completely blond. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now I am going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning.” Now, Amy has 2000ccs worth of hooters and this babe loves them. That babe admires the classic SCORE Girls of the 1990s.

Amy was not the hawt honey that babe is now when that babe was growing up. “I did not know about sex and males. Porn grew me up and increased my sexuality and helped me discover myself and what I wish. It took time to receive there. When I was Twenty six, I knew what I wanted sexually, but it took years. I did not know how to have sex. I did not know what to do with a knob. I didn’t know what lube was. Now I’ve moves. I know how to play with it and jump on it and make it worthwhile for me.” Seeing is believing! Now Amy sucks pecker hands-free, gags, drools and bonks love a hurricane.

Amy too has hardcore and solo movie scenes at SCORELAND including a jet ski video discharged in Miami that’s super-cool. This babe handled the jet ski like a racer even though it was her first time. Everything this angel does, from handling a wave runner to rock hard wood, is A-list!

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