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The first-ever six-way granny orgy

The first-ever six-way granny fuckfest

The first-ever six-way granny orgy

Our meeting of the Granny Fuck Lap dancing club is about to come to a rousing climax. What’s left on the agenda? A six-way, all-GILF orgy with giving a kiss, pussy-eating and fingering, face-sitting and strap-on action. We’re betting that you have not at all watched a six-way, over-60, all-GILF fuckfest coz one has at not time in advance of been captured on-camera!

“You know, we’re all together this day. It’s just us,” Luna says to Cammille Austin at the commence of the scene. “Why don’t we’ve some joy and turn you on to chicks?”

“Okay,” says Cammille, who has by no means been with a woman.

No convincing is needed. In advance of lengthy, six 60Plus MILFs–Cammille, Luna, Chery Leigh, Mia Magnusson, Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo–are getting undressed and having tons of sexual enjoyment.

Among the many highlights:

• Tons of erotic kissing.

• Lots of knockers fondelling against bra-busters and lips mouthing teats.

• A ton of bawdy cleft eating and face-sitting.

• The ladies fucking every other with dildos and strap-ons.

• More orgasms than we could count.

But who’s counting?

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Cali Carter

Cali Carter Cali Carter
Cali Carter @
Cali Carter and her Boyfriend are freaks! They did not start out that way, though. After four or five years being married, they decided to spice things up a bit, so to speak. Since Cali is a natural exhibitionist and Boyfriend is a voyeur, they knew what was next: Cali banging other studs as Boyfriend observed his very own "live porno movie"! Enter Isiah Maxwell. He’s been to the Carters home more than one time, and from the instant Cali met him, she wanted to suck Isiah’s BBC. But merely if Hubby could see! Not only did they make that happen, but Cali gave up her enchanting, sweet vagina for Isiah’s joy. Sitting next to ’em, Partner got quite a expose! Spouse jerked his pecker unyielding and fast during the time that Isiah gave Cali the hard-and-fast treatment in advance of one as well as the other fellows dumped a tremendous amount of jizzum all over Cali’s attractive, blonde body! What’s next for the freaky couple? More studs for Cali, of course!
Cali Carter Cali Carter

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Beth gets ass-fucked in her first scene

Beth gets ass-fucked in her first scene

Beth gets ass-fucked in her 1st scene

When this scene opens, 57-year-old divorcee, Mommy and grandmother Beth Sinkati is tuturing a lady-killer in architecture.

“What can u tell me about the Baroque style?” that babe asks, but he’s not listening.

“It’s hard to pay attention,” this chab says.

“Why?” Beth asks. “Do u think it’s boring?”

He doses off. Yep, this chab thinks it is boring. But that babe knows how to receive his attention. By touching him. By grabbing his 10-Pounder.

“I crave u to pay plenty of attention to me,” that babe says.

“I’m not sure this is what I’m supposed to be paying attention to.”

“Why not? Doesn’t it feel precious?”

It beats reading about architecture, that is for certain.

“I wanna train you,” this babe says.

Beth doesn’t have to be taught. She’s an pro female who knows how to suck jock and can take her student’s bigger in size than average, thick schlong deep inside her twat and backdoor. Yep, we told rectal hole. Beth acquires ass-fucked in her very 1st scene. And near the end, that babe says, “Kyle, I crave u to cum on my face.”

That charmer was paying attention when this babe said that.

Beth was born in Fresh Jersey and lives in Florida. She has valuable, fake D-cup bazookas with hot tan lines. This babe enjoys dripping 5Ks and watching football. She is not a swinger ‘cuz “when I’m in a relationship, I tend to be committed to that one person.”

Beth has worked in talented environments her whole life, and now this babe is ready to do smth most honey bunnys don’t do.

“Beth,” we asked, “have you ever had sex with a much-younger buck?”

“Not yet,” she told.

This babe has now. This boy is juvenile enough to be her son.

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The Patriots win the Super Bowl and Beth gets ass-fucked

The Patriots win the Super Bowl and Beth receives ass-fucked

The Patriots win the Super Bowl and Beth gets ass-fucked

When this scene was discharged, we asked Beth Sinkati, a 57-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother from New Jersey, to describe her consummate day.

“The Patriots win the Super Bowl anew, I win a $500-million Powerball jackpot and I get an advance copy of the Winds of Winter book and audio book,” she said.

Winds of Winter has smth to do with Game of Thrones. We do not know if that babe got that.

Since this week’s Powerball jackpot was a lot less than $500-million, we know that babe didn’t acquire that.

But as for these New UK Patriots…yep, they won the Super Bowl afresh Sunday night, so Beth had one-third of a perfect day.

If you are a Patriots hater, and we know there’re tons of u out there, do not hold it against Beth. And we’re sure u won’t when you watch her first-ever hardcore scene, in which this babe acquires ass-fucked by Kyle’s large schlong.

Yep, betwixt the Patriots and her hardcore cherry-breaker, this will be a week that Beth not at all forgets. She’s worked in digital marketing. This babe was an office manager and a bank representative. And now, as of this day, this babe is a porn star.

“People who know me very well wouldn’t be surprised to watch me here,” told Beth, who lives in Florida. “Business acquaintances would be very surprised.”

Beth enjoys working out (that is obvious), reading and doing volunteer work with abandoned pets. This babe says this babe likes to wear “tight, form-fitting captivating clothes that display as much as possible. I worked unbending for this body, so I’m plan to expose it off.”

As that babe should.

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Three GILFs, two cocks and Chery’s first DP

Three GILFs, two schlongs and Chery’s 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION

Three GILFs, two ramrods and Chery's first DP

In Movie scene IV of Granny Screw Lap dancing club, Rita Daniels, 68, Sally D’Angelo, 64, and Chery Leigh, 60, are sunbathing by the pool on a attractive, sunny day, decked out in revealing bikinis, talking about what Chery’s planning on doing very pretty soon.

“I’m so cheerful that you’re finally plan to try Dual Penetration,” Sally says to Chery.

“I can’t await,” says Chery who, you might recall, sounded very curious about DP when all six members of the Granny Bonk Strip club sitting down for a roundtable discussion.

Rita looks over, sees 2 chaps working on the pool and says, “Oh my gosh, bears a resemblance to u might get your chance sooner than u thought, girlfriend.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan, the boss, is telling 19-year-old Archie to keep his eyes on the pool, not the chicks.

“They’re bonafide, certified GILFs,” Jonathan tells Archie, “and they’re smokin’ hawt.”

This guy doesn’t desire to lose the job. This stud is afraid that his hubby is gonna spend the morning staring at the GILFs. Could not blame him if this woman chaser did. But the ladies have their eyes on schlong, and they receive the guys’ attention by flashing their mammaries. Then they bend over to show off their booties. Turns out the ladies have gazoo plugs pushed inside their booties.

So much for the pool.

“We wanna fuck you,” Sally says to Archie while Rita has her way with Jonathan.

“We wanna unveil Chery how to do a DOUBLE PENETRATION,” Rita says. “Would u boys be interested in taking that project on?”

Certainly, all of the beauties suck and get their wet cracks rogered, but Chery’s the one who does her 1st DOUBLE PENETRATION, getting her cunt and wazoo drilled at the same time by a big, dark-skinned cock and a large, young weenie. Along the way, the grannies eat every other’s vaginas, engulf wang and balls and end up with cum all over their faces. They share the loads, too, capping off one of the hottest, nastiest GILF scenes you’re ever plan to watch.

But guess what? There’s more Granny Bonk Exotic dancing club act to come: a six-way all-GILF fuckfest!

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Sex school is in session!

Sex school is in session!

Sex school is in session!

When this scene spreads, 53-year-old Justine, aka Badd Gramma, is sat in couch, wearing a short petticoat, a button-down top and glasses.

“Are you ready for your sex lesson this day?” that babe asks. “I’m going to flaunt you exactly how to satisfy Badd Gramma. I wanna unveil you exactly what turns me on so u can do it right next time. I’m intend to brandish you how to satisfy a real lady, not some little girl.”

We’re all ears and eyes, Justine!

That babe unbuttons her top and plays with her areolas.

“School is in session,” this divorcee, Mamma and grandmother says. “You can commence with these: engulfing my bigger in size than standard, rock hard teats. Fill your face hole up with these.”

But that babe is all alone. Where’s the boy? Doesn’t that babe have to give us a hands-on demonstration? Isn’t showing always more marvelous than telling when you want anybody to learn smth?

Damn right! So her boy unveils up, and it might as well be you because this is a POV sex lesson in which Justine strokes your pecker, sucks your rod and then sits on your ramrod, and topmost of all, this babe keeps her glasses on the entire time.

“We’re just gonna keep practicing until u acquire it right,” Justine says as her bushy cookie bounces up and down on your large, unbending schlong. And when you’re finished fucking her, when u can not hold back any longer, u cum all over her marvelous face.

“That’s how u do it with Badd Gramma.”

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From PC geek to XXX granny

From computer geek to XXX granny

From PC geek to XXX granny

“I was a reporter for the Stockton Record. I ran my own miniature monthly and went into advertising. The final worthy job I had was selling yellow pages ads. I wound up getting into the computer industry,” 53-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother Justine, aka Badd Gramma, told of her road to porn.

“I was really a geek for a number of years, and after the recession, I grew exhausted of silicon valley and, as u know, it’s kind of a brotopia. So I became a female-dom. I started shooting my own content for my site, and here I am. Yes, these Google geeks are some of my ultimate customers!”

Here, Justine is geeked out in glasses that make her look even sexier than ordinary, if that is possible. This babe sucks Donnie’s larger than average wang, takes it deep inside her curly muff then widens her throat for his load. That babe is no cum dodger. She swallows each drop!

“My personal life is glamorous standard, actually,” she told. “I write poetry, which maybe isn’t normal, and I am too a Mother and a grandmother. I do quite a bit of babysitting for my grandchildren. One of my kids is plan to a university to acquire a chemical engineering degree, so that is one of the reasons I do what I do, so I can have the additional time and the resources necessary to support my family.

“I like to go out and sing karaoke. I love to go on the water. Boating, sailing, swimming. That type of thing. I am a gigantic X-Games fan and I love the Winter Olympics. I’ve pleasure dancing, priceless dining, arts and culture. All kinds. One night it’s the ballet or symphony, the next a Marilyn Manson concert, so I am into a lot of different kinds of music. I adore reading a good memoir. Someday, I’ll write my own. Right now, I’m living the fantasy. I still have a lot of my book to live.”

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Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

Luna, Mia and the 25-year-old

In Part THREE of Granny Shag Club, Luna Azul, 67, and Mia Magnusson, 61, are having a serious makeout session on a couch, giving a kiss passionately and feeling up each other’s bodies.

“We acquire to try something different this day,” Luna says. “We get to discover ourselves a valuable, stiff pecker.”

“That sounds love a great idea,” Mia says, “but where are we plan to identify one?”

They look out side and watch a juvenile chap standing on the sidewalk, talking on his cell phone.

“Perfect,” Luna says.

They go over to the window. Tall, long-legged Mia, who debuted at this past September and is the newbie in the Granny Shag Exotic dancing club, is wearing short, sexy lingerie. Luna, a busty brunette who has rogered a lot of our studs, is wearing red panties and a brassiere that her titties are pouring without.

“Oh, I know that one. That fellow is a ally of my granddaughter’s,” Luna says. “He would be consummate.”

“He would be very ideal,” Mia says.

The charmer, a 25-year-old named Oliver, knocks on the door, and Mia and Luna answer. The boy, seeing two hot GILFs wearing next to nothing, is a little nervous. This chab tells ’em he’s looking for Luna’s granddaughter.

“Aren’t u Oliver?” Luna says. “She’s not here right now, but why do not u come in and await for her?”

That man comes inside. Luna and Mia sit on either side of him. And away they go! Oliver is nervous, but those 2 accomplished vixens know how to make him relax. They suck his penis and balls, one on the shaft, the other on the sack, then take turns getting screwed. While one lady is getting rogered, she is eating and fingering the other’s twat. Finally, Oliver can’t hold back any longer and blows his man juice all over their mature, wrinkled faces.

Luna, who’s a swinger, is not timid about going after what that babe craves. We asked her what this babe does when that babe sees a guy this babe can’t live out of, and she said, “I walk over to him and ask if we have ever met before.” Either way, that always gets things going.

As for Mia, who lives in Las Vegas, that babe is a divorcee, Mom and grandmother from Australia who has been a pro dancer all her life. She’d never done anything like this before she came to our studio. This babe hasn’t watched her 1st copulate scene–“I don’t check out myself,” she said–but said doing that scene has changed her.

“I am more assertive, enthusiastic and hot,” she told.

More sexy? We did not think that was possible.

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Keli Richards gets her mature booty pounded

Keli Richards acquires her aged booty pounded

Keli Richards gets her mature gazoo pounded

When this scene spreads, 52-year-old Keli Richards is wearing a constricted, white top and a taut, short, pink petticoat and checking out who’s been sleeping in the guest bedroom. It’s her son’s ally JMac. That babe is had her eyes on him for a while.

“I’d just adore to take his knob up my a-hole,” she says.

That babe strolls into the bedroom and lifts the sheets to detect out his package. This babe is impressed.

“I wonder how that dong would feel up my arse?” that babe says. She plans to look at.

At that point, JMac wakes up in a state of panic. He is afraid they’re gonna get caught. What about her husband, her son?”

“Just savour it, baby,” Keli says. “Lie back and relish it.”

It doesn’t take much to convince him. Besides, this babe already has his shlong out, so she sucks it. That babe makes it very luscious. Then JMac copulates her throat, and this babe loves sucking his balls.

When the screwing begins, JMac pounds her bawdy cleft in the lockdown position with her legs all the way back. You can watch and hear how much Keli is into it. He pounds her muff some more and slaps her a-hole.

And then Keli gets what she wanted all along: JMac’s large rod deep inside her butthole. This Lothario really pounds it. Her chocolate hole is stretched around his shlong. When this chab is not pounding her butt, she’s moving her ass back and forth on his wang and spreading her gazoo even more so that man can get deeper. And then JMac discharges his cum and Keli eats his cum.

Beautiful astounding for a first-timer, right? Well, Keli’s no newbie. That babe was a big-time pornstar back in the big-hair 1980s. She fucked Them all, including, huge-dicked John Holmes, and ate Nina Hartley’s wet crack, among others. And now she’s back and willing to become a HORNY HOUSEWIFE porno star.

How much does Keli like anal?

“I love masturbating with 2 dildos at a time, one in my bawdy cleft and the other in my arse,” she told.

By the way, rogering on-camera isn’t the merely thing Keli has done. Whilst this babe was away from porn, she worked in accounting and taxes and even in the medical field.

But this babe is back where that babe belongs, doing what that babe does superlatively worthwhile.

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