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Moka Mora

Moka Mora Moka Mora
Moka Mora @
The Dogfart Staff is leaking a fresh social undress club now, and it is a fun place to come hang. Everyone’s welcome, but fair warning: u might not wanna show up with your girlfriend or your fianc or even your wife…cause The Bulls are gonna turn you into a cuck! Just observe what happens when Moka Mora and her fianc, David, brandish up. One of the Bulls is a DJ spinning his latest tunes, so what’s a cutie gonna do but dance? This leads to the Bulls joining her on the dance floor, and sure enough, they’re groping and grinding all over Moka!! They do not care what David thinks…and get this: David truly thinks he’s going to receive in on the act! Little does our cuckold know, but The Bulls are plan to penis block the cuck boi every chance they get! When the cuck finally pulls his shlong out, Moka makes sure her fianc wraps it up with a cock rubber! Doesn’t matter though, cause David The Cuck will not receive it hard sufficient for a engulf…or a fuck! U know The Bulls got it all handled, though, and they run a educate on slim Moka whilst David relinquishes any thoughts of having sex this day. That’s about the time The Bulls turn Moka Mora into a cum dumpster, literally draining their nuts deep in her womb…or all over her body! And Moka is very fertile! (Moka and David have been trying to conceive for weeks now!) David may be a "daddy" in a short time!!
Moka Mora Moka Mora

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A greater than standard, dark-skinned ding-dong for DayLynn’s wazoo

A big, dark weenie for DayLynn’s butt

A big, darksome knob for DayLynn's ass

In her second hardcore scene at–her second hardcore scene ever–51-year-old DayLynn Thomas acquires what this babe came here for: a big, dark strapon up her constricted wazoo.

We asked DayLynn if that babe is into anal job, and this babe told, “That is a very interesting question as I’ve not at all done anal with anyone besides Master, and I always tell him no, but he takes what this smooth operator craves, and in the lengthy run, I like it.”

“Master,” meaning the charmer this babe calls her “black bull slaver.”

“Master,” as in not her partner. Yes, she is married, but the lad this babe is rogering on a regular basis–the lad who tells her what to do and when to do it–is not her husband. He’s, as we told, her dark-skinned bull dom. Or Darksome Bull Slavemaster, as this babe put it on her adult model info sheet.

By the way, this chab came along and observed during the time that King Noire, who’s also a bit of a taskmaster who can’t live without to take out of asking, plundered DayLynn’s mouth, vagina and asshole and came in her butt.

DayLynn was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky. This babe lives in Fort Myers, Florida on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This babe is only 5’1″, which means that babe is simple to toss around in the sack, and this babe loves to spend her free time “kayaking the back bays of Florida and working in the garden.”

But this babe spends a lot of her time with Dark-skinned Bull Master’s schlong.

“My Slavemaster had mentioned 50PlusMILFs to me and thought I should give it a try,” she told. “Otherwise, I at no time would have done this out of his encouragement.”

Did that babe ask her hubby for his blessing? No banging way!

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Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Female-dominant S. shags the sadness with out Max

Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Lady S., a 64-year-old wife, Mommy and grandmother from England, is trying to console Max. He’s actually upset. The boy is crying! Why is this lady-killer so upset? Maybe because his juvenile girlfriend left him? Maybe this buck lost his job or went bankrupt? Maybe his Premier League team had a bad season? Or maybe he’s anticipating a bad run for Britain in the World Cup.

Who knows? The fact is, the charmer is upset, and Woman S., a former school teacher who’s back to screw for the third time at, is intend to try her preeminent to make him feel more precious. This babe is gonna do that by feeling him, which will make him happier. She sits on his lap and gives him a hug. Awwww, that is so priceless!

“I’m sure I can make you feel more worthy,” that babe says.

Certainly, there’re two types of feelings: emotional and physical. Female S. is planning to make Max feel more extraordinary emotionally by making him feel very wonderful physically. She’s intend to do that by stroking and engulfing his dick. And having him lick her firm, fake bouncy bosoms. And letting him copulate her cookie in every possible position in advance of that dude cums on her love tunnel.

That should make Max feel better. At least for a little during the time that. And then when Max feels sad afresh, Woman S. will suck and fuck him another time. Don’t you want all of life’s problems could be solved so easily?

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Lady S. fucks again!

Woman S. bonks one time more!

Lady S. bonks once more!

‘cuz u can’t get sufficient of her, Female-dom S., a 64-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother from the Great Britain, bonks for the 3rd time at The lad she’s with is 33, so he’s easily young enough to be her son, not quite youthful enough to be her grandson. But she sucks his ramrod furthermore, ‘cuz that is what that babe enjoys doing, then this babe screws him until he cums on her slit.

60PlusMILFs: How do you stay in such fuckable shape?

Woman S.: I work very unyielding to keep my body trim. I go to the gym 3 or four times a week. I urge my hubby and other bucks to want me. My partner tells me I’m beautiful and says this skirt chaser would not change a thing.

60PlusMILFs: Smart fellow. Fortunate smooth operator, too. Now, you’re retired, but you used to be a…

Mistress S.: A school teacher! Once I retired, I was professional to acquire into adult modeling and then I got into this. I’m a natural exhibitionist and adore showing off my body anytime and anywhere. Sex is very important to me and I love exploring one as well as the other male and lady bodies. It is the almost any natural thing in the world.

60PlusMILFs: What’s your majority charming asset, other than your body?

Woman S.: I have a lively sense of humor which makes people laugh. My foremost physical assets are my smile and my ass.

60PlusMILFs: What’s the foremost way for a smooth operator to acquire your attention?

Woman S.: Make me snicker. Naive and joy males are always impressive to me.

60PlusMILFs: What do you do for your stud to make him feel special in and without sofa? What does this woman chaser do to make u feel particular?

Woman S.: A lot of caresses, kisses and touching without ottoman, all day. In daybed, he can’t live out of me to toss off his chest and nibble his neck. This chab does the same to me. We tease each other, likewise.

60PlusMILFs: What were your top three raunchy encounters?

Female S.: Sure! When my hubby and I first met. Having sex out in the open with an aged husband. Having sex with a younger buck I met on the Internet. And now, being here!

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Costume code? What costume code?

Costume code? What costume code?

Dress code? What suit code?

When we asked Roxy Royce, a 55-year-old wife and Mommy from Southern California, how that babe usually dresses, she told, “Very hot and alluring. It is all body-hugging and flaunting type of clothing, whether it’s workout attire, business attire or carefree. It is all body-hugging and flaunting to flaunt off my assets.”

Roxy is a business executive, and speaking of which, this scene widens with Roxy sitting at her desk, wearing a low-cut blouse. Her H-cup meatballs, fully super-sized, are busting without her button-down top. That babe summons one of her employees to her office and has him sit on the sofa. That is always a nice sign. Turns out that Roxy is wearing a short, tight petticoat and heels to go along with her big-tit top.

But here’s the thing: Roxy has summoned Marco to her office to remind him of the dress code. You see, he’s supposed to wear a tie to work, but he doesn’t. But there’s one other thing Marco always does.

“I see your eyes wandering every single day,” Roxy tells him. “You’re always looking at my meatballs.”

“They’re kinda unyielding to miss,” he says. “Talk about the dress code…they’re literally hanging out.”

“Well, u know, the costume code doesn’t apply to me,” Roxy says. “I can do whatever I desire to do.”

Then she displays him the real reason she wanted to meet with him. To stroke and engulf his rod. To shag him on the corporate sofa. To take his cum all over her big boobs.

He might by no means receive a raise without her, but that babe definitely receives a rise with out him.

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Busty Roxy shags her employee

Big breasted Roxy copulates her employee

Busty Roxy shags her employee

Super-stacked Mom I’D LIKE TO FUCK Roxy Royce, who’s 55, summons her employee to her office to reprimand him about the dress code, but there she’s with her scoops popping with out her top, which is barely buttoned. In advance of long, she is sucking and tit-fucking his weenie and taking it for a ride, which just goes to prove, once again, that it is great to have a big boobed boss.

By the way, this scene is based on reality.

“My spouse and I are the one and the other business executives, so we tended to be very discreet, but now I am doing this, so I think a lot more people are intend to see me, which is precious with both of us,” that babe said. “I’m pleasured of how I look and he is proud of his wife.”

Roxy said us that her ideal day would include “waking up early, having a vanilla latte, heading out to the Fitness Centre or to Pilates or both, then home to shower and get into a skimpy bathing suit to catch some sun by the pool.” Then this babe might head back inside “to play with my Hitachi fake penis and my large sex-toy toys.” That babe added, “I would adore the exhibitionist in me to be pour out. My dream is to headline my own unveil and pole dance.”

We’re sure that babe can do that. This babe likewise craves to hike and summit Mount Whitney in California. The sky’s the limit for Roxy.

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Leah L’Amour does it again!

Leah L’Amour does it anew!

Leah L'Amour does it anew!

64-year-old wife, Mommy and granny Leah L’Amour has a problem. This babe is ready to copulate. She’s worthy and amorous. This babe urges shlong. But her spouse (yes, that’s her real-life spouse in this scene) is fast asleep. So what’s a woman to do when she’s clothed for sex in her hottest lingerie? What’s a lady to do when her cunt is juicy and her body is stirring? This babe could pull out her beloved bonk toy and satisfy herself. Heck, this babe could even wake up Mr. L’Amour with a oral stimulation. That would do the trick.

But Leah has a more awesome idea. There is a juvenile ladies man working in her garden. Leah likes Them youthful, perspired and hung, and that babe can tell by the lump in his jeans that he is packing. So that babe calls him inside. Tony is worried that Mr. L’Amour might wake up and see ’em, but Leah isn’t anxious. Anyway, that babe is done this previous to…make a cuckold with out her boyfriend and suck and fuck right in front of him, that is.

Sure enough, Mr. L’Amour does wake up whilst Leah is sucking Tony’s wang, and this chab doesn’t appear to be cheerful about it.

“Again? Truly?” this Lothario says.

“Really!” this babe says. “I’m in there and you do not take any time with me and I am randy and you acquire to learn smth.”

What exactly does Mr. L’Amour learn in this scene? That his wife likes to engulf and shag youthful schlong? This ladies man already knew that. That his wife can’t live with out when bucks cum on her boobs? That guy knew that, likewise. That she loves to eat cum? Ditto.

Humorous thing: Mr. L’Amour sticks around the whole time. This chab doesn’t leave. That chap doesn’t try to get Tony to prevent. That guy doesn’t even threaten him. This dude just stands there and watches.

So what does that tell u?

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Leah can’t stop fucking young cock!

Leah can’t prevent screwing juvenile strapon!

Leah cant prevent banging juvenile 10-Pounder!

Leah L’Amour is all dolled up and ready for act, but her hubby is fast asleep on the couch and there’s no thing this babe can do to rouse him. Oh, sure, she could sit on his face, but why fuck the same mature shlong when there is a young ladies man working in her garden? That sounds like a more extraordinary gonna Leah, who walks up to the window and shows him what she is got.

“Don’t worry about my partner,” Leah tells Tony after she lures him inside. “He’s dead to the world right now. Moreover, I am sure you can shag me more wondrous than that stud ever can.”

Tony is Thirty six. Leah is 64, and that babe has a smoking hawt body that looks great in lingerie. This is the second time this Mother and grandmother has made a cuckold of her husband at, so rogering behind her hubby’s back has become a habit.

Leah exposes off her love tunnel and anus to get Tony stiff then goes down on his jock. But would not you know it, Mr. L’Amour wakes up from his nap and doesn’t love what he’s seeing.

“Look at this wang,” Leah taunts her spouse previous to that babe goes down for some other suck, not actually caring what this chab thinks. “Look how bigger in size than average and unyielding it is. It is so much larger and harder than your puny 10-Pounder. Now stand there and look at.”

At this point, Tony thinks this chab might have been played. It seems to him as if Mr. L’Amour enjoys being a cuckold and Leah planned this entire thing.

Now they wouldn’t do that, would they? Hmmmm…maybe they would.

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Dani Dare, the dream wife, makes her BBC fantasies come true

Dani Dare, the fantasy wife, makes her BBC dreams come true

Dani Dare, the fantasy wife, makes her BBC dreams come true

This day, the episode version of 50-year-old wife and M.I.L.F. Dani Dare mouthing and banging a bigger than run of the mill, black 10-Pounder. As we detected out the other day in her interview, Dani is the fantasy wife…if you’re okay with your wife fucking other lads, which Mr. Dare is.

50Plus MILFs: Let’s pick up where we left off the other day. What does your spouse do to keep you cheerful? This chab has to realize what a hawt MILF that man married.

Dani: This gent does, and this chab likes to set up wild scenarios and dares for me. This chab loves to film our little adventures. That ladies man definitely keeps me glad.

50Plus MILFs: What’s the majority fine compliment you’ve ever received?

Dani: I have competed in the Miss No Bikini contest a pair of times, and all the gals go in knowing that the big club attendees usually win first, second and 3rd prizes, but I won big mambos one as well as the other times I entered and also won Miss Congeniality, which is voted on by all the contestants, so that meant the almost all to me.

50Plus MILFs: What’s a sure-fire way for a boy to get on your precious side?

Dani: Just be yourself. And I am a sucker for romance. For me, it is the tiny things a charmer does for me. Playing with my hair. Holding my hand. Kissing me for no reason at all. I may be a sex star, but I love a little romance. I love when the room or exotic dancing club I walk into goes quiet because all eyes are on me or I feel eyes on me. I was a tomboy for so lengthy, it’s kind of worthwhile to feel the warmth of attention. It is a great feeling.

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