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Deep inside Cyndi Sinclair

Deep inside Cyndi Sinclair

Deep inside Cyndi Sinclair

Now 53 years old, beautiful, sexy little divorcee and mom Cyndi Sinclair returns to this week, a little over three years since she made her worldwide debut. Cyndi looks great.

“I am a grandmother,” Cyndi told our video guy.

“You’re a GILF,” he said.

“That’s what they say,” Cyndi responded.

They say right.

Today, Cyndi strips out of her little dress, shows off her perky little tits, spreads her legs and deep-fingers her pussy. And Thursday, she’s going to have sex with a 24-year-old.

“It’s kind of exciting for me to think that somebody young and good looking is interested in somebody my age, even if it is for sex,” Cyndi said. “It works out. That’s all I want them for, too.”

Good to know.

Cyndi lives in Arizona. We asked her a kinda odd question, “If time were frozen for 24 hours, what would you do?” and she said, “I would go back to bed and have sex for 24 hours.” Now that’s an excellent use of time.

What makes her feel sexy?

“Knowing others find me attractive.”

That’s for sure.

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Taylor Leigh’s big toy show

Taylor Leigh’s big toy show

Taylor Leigh's big toy show

Taylor Leigh, last seen fucking in an at-home scene shot during the pandemic, came back to Miami, Florida to get the pro treatment, and here she is showing off her hot body and fucking herself with a huge dildo. Be sure to check out the video version of this scene, in which this 47-year-old wife and mom talks dirty and gives plenty of jack-off encouragement. But these photos are very satisfying, too, and are a nice prelude to her fuck scene coming this Thursday.

40Something: Have you watched the scenes you’ve shot for us?

Taylor: Most of them but not in their entirety. I have a thing about watching myself. As long as my man says I did good, that’s all that matters.

40Something: Did you watch them with your husband?

Taylor: Yes.

40Something: What did you think about them?

Taylor: I thought it was so incredibly hot and my man still can’t stop watching them.

40Something: Have you had sex while watching your scenes?

Taylor: Yes, in fact, I have! It was so cool!

40Something: Has shooting for 40Somethingmag changed you at all?

Taylor: I’m not sure “change” is the right word, but I definitely have more confidence and have learned a ton regarding modeling. The SCORE Group has a top-notch staff all-around, and it’s hard to beat their level of professionalism, respect and attentiveness. My first shoot is also the subject of a chapter in my book, SeXXXperience. Thanks to all of you!

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Anilos - Let Me Tease You

AnilosLet Me Tease You

featuring Dominno.

Added On:

Jul 27, 2021


We love when hotties like Dominno decide to share their bigtit bodies with us. This horny mama is stunning in black lace. Peeling off her bra, miniskirt, and thong so she’s down to her high heels, she teases us with a glimpse of her dripping cunt before she spreads her thighs so we can see all the goods.

Newbie Interview

Newbie Interview

Newbie Interview

Amy Parks is a 22-year-old Asian who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. We brought her to our studio for a chat…and to spread her pussy on-camera. She’s not the kind of girl we usually see stripping or fucking on-film, meaning that she’s kind of shy and innocent. You can see how nervous she is, and it’s very cute.

Our camera guy chats Amy up for a few minutes before he asks her to strip for us. This is Amy’s first solo masturbation scene, so we’re not going to waste too much time beating around the bush. We know what you want, so we get to the action quickly. Soon Amy is lying on the bed, two knuckles buried deep in her hot snatch, and she’s moaning like crazy.

Be sure to check out the video tomorrow.

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Busty, big-assed Latina MILF

Busty, big-assed Latina MILF

Busty, big-assed Latina MILF

Sasha del Mar, a 50-year-old divorcee who was born in Peru and lives in South Florida, doesn’t speak much English, but she has a body that gets its message across without any translation. She’s curvy with big tits, a big ass and a pierced pussy. Here, she’s wearing a tight, red dress that really shows off her curves. She’s very proud of her ass, as she should be. It’s big, round and bangable.

Sasha is a mother of two. Her tits are D-cups and she measures 44 inches around her hips. She works in home health care. We can only imagine what that consists of. “Heal me, Sasha!”

“Most men love my ass,” she said. “I love being watched while having sex. For instance, when I go to the swingers club, I love the singles side because more people watch me. It’s amazing.”

She’s amazing.

Sasha’s hobby: “Dancing,” she said. “In my spare time, I have sex. I always dress sexy. I like to show off my boobs and booty.”

Thanks for the show, Sasha.

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Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking

Greed has become more prevalent than ever. Not since the days of the Roman Empire has the unchecked greed and selfishness of the few so disrupted the lives of the many. Modern technology has made things worse. Everyone has to work harder and longer for less just to get by and that includes Amber Lynn Bach, housewife and part-time whore.

Screw your fellow citizen is the creed of this new society and Amber is literally following that philosophy. She truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of America. She’s had to find new territory with less competition to pick up new business. There are too many housewife-hookers in her supermarket parking lot. Her local pub is packed with suburban sluts trying to make a few bucks. Since she is not about to solicit new accounts in a dumpster-filled alley or at bus stops, Amber has pushed deeper into rural territory in search of horndogs eager to pay before they pump.

Risking encounters with alligators and demented hillbillies with chainsaws, Amber has made this section of the woods her new location. Luck is with her when she meets a motorist. At first, he plays cheapskate with payment options but seeing Amber’s big tits does the trick. A hard dick does not think rationally. She entices him with what she calls her “tight whore pussy.” The goober decides to pick her up and take her to his place to fuck the shit out of her and give her cream for dinner. Amber Lynn Bach: hooked on hooking and doing it all for you.

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Step-son cock for Taylor Leigh

Step-son cock for Taylor Leigh

Step-son cock for Taylor Leigh

In these photos, Taylor Leigh, a 47-year-old wife and mom, fucks her step-son. Her husband isn’t fucking her the way she wants, but apparently, her step-son has been fucking her just the way she wants. They’ve done this before and they’re going to do it again. It’s a lucky 20-year-old whose dad marries a woman who sucks and fucks as well as Taylor does. You have to wonder: Did Taylor marry the guy for his son? Maybe.

Taylor told us, “I like to garden and landscape, throw dinner parties where I can create a menu and pair it with different wines, stay active and enjoy the outdoors. I also enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures.”

She has been a flower arranger, a server at country clubs, a small business owner and an escort. She’s also a swinger, and she and her husband are lifestyle mentors for curious newbies. Basically, she’s a swinging coach.

“Our wildest adventure was a hotel takeover in the Midwest where I literally went from hotel room to hotel room and would stop in for a blow job or to watch people have sex. It was crazy. Almost anything you’d want to see or participate in was there.”

Hmmm…we’d like to participate in Taylor.

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Maddie’s outdoor fuck

Maddie’s outdoor fuck

Maddie's outdoor fuck

It’s time for some outdoor, poolside action as Maddie Cross, a 56-year-old wife and mom, sucks and fucks young cock where any peeping neighbors could have seen her. Maddie looks smashing in her little bikini, and she looks even better out of it. This entire scene takes place outdoors on a sunny day in Miami, Florida.

50Plus MILFs: What do you do for your guy to make him feel special?

Maddie: In and out of bed, I wear sexy lingerie, stockings and heels.

50Plus MILFs: What makes you extra horny?

Maddie: A man with a sexy smile who smells really good and has manners.

50Plus MILFs: What’s the best part of being a beautiful woman?

Maddie: Turning heads as well as turning on younger guys.

50Plus MILFs: What’s a surefire way for a guy to get on your good side?

Maddie: All he really has to do is use the manners his momma taught him. Respect goes a long way with me.

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Anilos - Busty Beautiful

AnilosBusty Beautiful

featuring Dominno.

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Jul 25, 2021


Blonde and gorgeous, Dominno loves to flaunt what she’s got in lingerie that clings to all her curves. She strips down to just her high heels as she hefts those big titties and flicks her nipples before spreading her thighs so she can give some serious attention to making her pussy purr with happiness.