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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes

“I think porno sex and sex at home are a little different,” says Gianna, a mega-porn star who should know. That babe is still one of the best-known breasty porn stars in the world. (She is retired those days but still works in the adult industry. “I’ve noticed that sex on clip has become more aggressive. I like coarse sex, pussy-wise. This is the thing in regards to me doing pornography and my sexuality in general: I feel that it’s rock hard to fake emotion, but the emotion that I give is only what’s provoked by that certain person.

“So, some pornos might not be as sexy as others, but that is ‘coz of the attraction between the gentleman and myself. If this guy I am going off with is provoking worthy emotions, the movie of me that that petticoat chaser saw that was kooky is probably what he’s plan to acquire.”

Gianna and Tony D. go at it just short of a wrestling match. “I like lots of talk, like when I am getting fucked and this buck is telling me what to do, I’m just adore, “Tell me what’s in that wicked banging mind of yours.” I love to do that while we’re rogering cuz that is when u acquire true emotion. Nobody has time to think. You are too busy trying to copulate, so just trying to throw something in there, it’s interesting to see what I get in return!”

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Blaire’s First Time

Blaire’s 1st Time

Blaire's 1st Time

Here she’s, the 6’1″ tall newbie taking the Internet by storm. When that babe walked throughout our doors, that babe had not ever shot a scene with any other company. This babe said us that her boyfriend was unsure about letting her shag other boys, but we asked politely and that babe said us that rogering a porno stud is her dream. We’re fantasy makers here at NaughtyMag, so we paired her up with a hung chap and a mammoth rental abode.

“I’m a vehement paramour, so I hope that comes throughout on-camera,” Blaire said us. We think it does. We especially have fun how nice-looking and blameless that babe looks previous to this babe sticks out her tongue and laps up a bulky load of sexy semen. What do u bucks think about Miss Blaire?

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The many sides of Mirabella Amore

The many sides of Mirabella Amore

The many sides of Mirabella Amore

When this scene spreads, Jimmy is already playing with 44-year-old Mirabella’s tits, and she appears to be to be on the verge of cumming. Maybe that is ‘cuz this chab has his hand on her twat, too, and she has her hand on his rod.

“Can u engulf on my nipp, baby?” Mirabella asks in her sexy voice. “Play with my clit. My bawdy cleft is getting moist for u.”

Jimmy is the kind of buck who doesn’t have to be asked twice. This charmer banged Mirabella in her first-ever porno scene here at In this scene, Mirabella unveils how comfortable she’s on-camera. This babe talks impure. There is a three-way mirror, so we’ve to see her getting screwed from a variety of angles. It adds to the hotness factor, and Mirabella knows it.

This babe likewise knows what we want. Jimmy cums on her face. The cum leaks off her nose and down her chin. That babe sucks the cum off his cock-head. When we talk about hot, mature, mountainous boobed blondes, we’re talking about hotties love Mirabella.

Mirabella was born in Georgia. This babe now lives in South Florida. She’s been a lap dancer. Now this babe is a care-giver, and the petticoat chaser this babe cares for is the one who sent her our way. Hmmmm…exactly what kind of care is Mirabella giving?

Mirabella can’t live out of romantic boyz who put her on a pedestal. That babe enjoys swimming and walking her dog. She says the people who know her would be surprised to see her here (although we can think of several people who wouldn’t be surprised). We asked her if this babe is into any fetishes, and that babe told, “I’m starting to explore what they are.”

Explore with us, Mirabella.

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Ashton Blake

Ashton Blake Ashton Blake
Ashton Blake @
Meet Jake. This fellow is a tutor at the local university who works with the student-athletes, making sure they remain eligible to play. Meet Flash, the university’s star forward. And meet Ms. Ashton Blake, Jake’s step-mom…and a total BCS. This babe has a particular relationship with her step-son. They’re one as well as the other perverts! Step-mommy loves the athletes this babe meets throughout Jake…and Jake likes to view step-mommy acquire tag-teamed out by them. Jake doesn’t care step-mom cheats on his daddy. This chab can’t live without the "live pornos" this gent gets to see, sometimes on a weekly basis! Since Ashton loves darksome dudes so much, this babe is in Heaven, likewise. And Flash? Just look how pleased Ashton’s face hole, slit, and ripe, puckered chocolate hole makes him feel! It may be unusual and taboo to some, but for Ashton, Flash, and Jake, it is a enjoyment day of immoral madness.
Ashton Blake Ashton Blake
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The Stacked Bunny In A Cat Suit

The Big boobed Bunny In A Cat Dress

The Big breasted Bunny In A Cat Suit

That cat dress is adore a second skin over Holly Wood‘s shapely body. Look how her full moon ass sticks out and her heavy mammaries thrust forward. The high heels arch Holly’s back for that extra oomph!

SCORELAND: Do you identify yourself touching your bumpers without thinking about it?

Holly: Constantly! How did u know?

SCORELAND: Because we’re boob scientists and we know those things. You too store things in your deep cleavage.

Holly: I haven’t met a bigger in size than typical boobed babe who doesn’t! Absolutely guilty! Keys, phone, I.D., cash, it is very convenient.

SCORELAND: And your bosoms have fallen with out your top in public.

Holly: Yes. Many times when I am out stripping. I always wear low-cut dresses and tops, and I’m very guilty of flashing those around me!

SCORELAND: Guilty as charged. What is something you have tried, but will by no means do once more?

Holly: I am a very open minded person. And off the top of my head I cant think of anything. U can not at any time say at not time!

SCORELAND: Do u read the comments that your fans write about u and are there any that u loved? You have sent us some.

Holly: I truly read all of them! I like my fans and like knowing that they can’t live with out what they watch and urge more!

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Nicol screams for 10-Pounder ball batter

Nicol screams for jock jism

Nicol screams for rod cream

Nicol Mandorla, a 57-year-old wife, Mother and nurse from the Czech Republic, obviously enjoyed her 1st scene at

How do we know this?

Well, here’s a warning for you: If u live in a abode or apartment with thin walls, keep the sound down during the time that you’re watching this scene. Nicol is a screamer, and she’s overcome with excitement as Kristof copulates her constricted old cum-hole.

“Shooting the pictures was pleasure, but this was a lot more pleasure,” Nicol said our videographer.

Nicol has silver hair. She’s wearing a hot brassiere and knickers set, stockings and a garter strap, so u know that babe was ready for sex. This babe blows Kristof’s big cock, then she shags him. This chab cums on her cum-hole, which has a little bit of hair on it.

“My husband loves it that way,” she told.

Nicol told us that that babe plans on watching this scene with her husband.

“I’m plan to give him a oral whilst he’s watching me give Kristof a oral-sex,” that babe said. “Then we’re gonna copy all the poses.”

Fortunate skirt chaser. Then anew, u know what they say…happy wife, glad life. Judging by this movie scene, Nicol is very happy.

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Diamond’s Constricted Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond’s Constricted Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond's Taut Little Body Needs Fucking

Diamond Foxxx is hanging out in a lush garden with a book. But she is clearly bored. You can tell ‘coz this babe is got her hand down her thongs and that babe is fingering her areola, poking aside her briefs and her buttoned-down cardigan. Diamond needs something rock hard and long, smth that will explode in her face or in that general vicinity.

JT is watching her from inside the abode and this chab is playing with his junk likewise. Those 2 were made for every other. This babe waggles a finger at him and motions for him to come outside. JT wastes no time sucking her nipps and playing with her knockers. That charmer gets quickly to the action. That dude knows how to handle a vixen like Diamond and she knows what a honey bunny adore her is supposed to do. Worship the knob love it is her god.

It is JT’s goal to screw the shit with out her. Her tight, little (5′), Big-Boob body was meant to be screwed, fucked and thumped hard. Diamond is a lady who can’t live with out it unbending, coarse and forceful. The harder that stud fucks her slit, the more that babe likes it. Wimps need not apply for a date with this blonde vixen. JT turns as red as a beet as this chab hammers Ms. Foxxx into docility, then beats off adore a madman on her. Diamond actually inspires sex madness.

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Just Imagine

Just Imagine

Just Imagine

Imagine a bikini-clad goddess love Jessi asking u to oil up her body in a cabana by the pool. You don’t know what her intentions are–maybe this babe is trying to make a move, or maybe this babe actually does need your help–but you accept. Whilst fondelling your hands along her smooth, flexible skin your penis hardens and u struggle to hide your hardon. But if this girl is anything like Jessi, u do not need to. ‘Cause cuties adore Jessi like it when fellows receive hard for ’em. And Jessi likes knowing they’re turned on by her bigger in size than standard arse and little, merry scoops. This golden-haired bombshell has no reservations about pulling off this stranger’s trousers and riding his 10-Pounder. She pulls her hood back, exposing her swollen clit. She spreads her asscheeks apart so u can watch this guy permeating her cunt doggy style. And that babe lets him cum on her face cuz that is what that babe likes. Just imagine encounter a cutie like Jessi.

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Brandi’s ass is horny for a BBC

Brandi’s booty is lustful for a BBC

Brandi's wazoo is wanton for a BBC

Brandi Fox (now known as Sky Haven) is in her house and looking out the window, checking out the lawn Lothario

“I would not mind banging him,” this babe says. “Damn, he’s got a large pecker! Check out that bulge. I’m horny.”

No shit!

Jack knocks on the door, and Brandi knows it is time to seize her chance to get some larger than typical, darksome schlong. Jack craves to use the washroom.

“Fuck you’re sexy,” that babe says.

“Yeah, it is hawt outdoors,” this chab says.

That’s not what that babe means.

This chab goes to take a urinate. She watches.

“He’s intend to shag me, that’s for sure,” she says, then that babe goes up to him and grabs his booty. Then she sucks his dick and balls, then she fucks him, and that woman chaser acquires more than her cookie. He receives her gazoo, also.

And that is how this 45-year-old wife and Mother rolls.

We asked Brandi what she would do if time were frozen for 24 hours. This babe told, “I’d write my book, How To Please A Man.” Looks love this babe already wrote the book on that. Jack cums in her throat and Brandi swallows his semen.

We asked her what makes her excited, and she told, “When a skirt chaser lazily and lightly feels and kisses my body from my love muffins down to my pussy. I acquire so excited!”

Fact: Brandi is always slutty.

Fact: We don’t care whether that babe calls herself Brandi or Sky. We just wanna copulate her.

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