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Auto Buff

Auto Muscular

Auto Buff

Super-sized, super-stacked Danielle Derek is wet as that babe buffs and shines away at her outdoor car wash. She’s attracted a sizable crowd, some gawkers drooping out of their windows in the surrounding buildings. If you owned a car wash, this is the kind of babelicious vixen you’d crave to work underneath u. Check out the detail and body English this babe puts into it. These of u who have seen Danielle’s scenes know what kind of world-class buffer that babe is.

“One of the boys I discharged a scene with, I guess it was Jimmy Dix, called me a fuck doll. I love being a copulate doll. I like being a guy’s marital-device. But I am too a strong-ass bitch likewise. I’ve always been in this for the pleasure and the sex. That won’t ever change! I am so slight, guys can pick me up and move me wherever they crave, like against the wall. I wrap my legs around ’em, and they shag me against the wall.

“I adore to wear high heels, full porn hair and lashes. It makes me feel hot. I love living in Miami much better than in stodgy, conservative Manhattan. People are very conservative, and Recent York is likewise the kind of place where people just put their heads down and go. They not at all look up. And I could not go out to a fancy restaurant in Fresh York and not wait to receive smutty looks. Manhattan has a very special sort of female-dominator, and I am definitely not it! In Miami, the beauties have larger than run of the mill booties, greater than run of the mill fullsome funbags, long hair. I saw a hotty walking in the mall in a mini-skirt and a diminutive top, so I know that down here, this look is way more accepted.”

And we’ve more glamorous and bustier car washes in south Florida.

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A juvenile ladies man for Whinny

A juvenile Lothario for Whinny

A young gent for Whinny

“I at no time thought I’d say this coz I used to be so coyness, but I adore to be observed,” said 52-year-old Whinny Spice, who’s back for her second XXX scene ever. “Whenever we go to parties, my prefered lad and I frequently get things started. People adore to view us, and that is priceless by me. I like the idea that people are intend to be seeing me.”

Here, Whinny’s getting observed by her boy, who cant satisfy all of her needs. This babe went out to a disrobe club the night in advance of, and this babe brought home a lad who’s young sufficient to be her son and sucks and bonks him right in front of her lad. Love we said, needs.

Previous to that babe did her 1st scene, here, Whinny said us, “I haven’t had sex with a younger Lothario, but I truly crave to. That is one of the thrilling things about being here, that I’ve to do things I have not at any time done.”

Whinny is from Salt Lake Town, Utah, and lives in Arizona, one of the swinging capitals of the world. It’s fantastic how many of our MILFS have come from Arizona, Florida and California. Very hardly any have come from Fresh York and other areas of the Northeast U.S. Even the conservative midwest is much more fertile ground for 50Plus SEXY HOUSEWIVES.

Whinny is a paralegal. She used to be a photographer at horse flaunts. Her hobbies: “Riding motorcycles, rock climbing, kayaking, SCUBA diving and riding horses.”

That babe likewise told, “I am attracted 1st and almost any wonderful to a man’s eyes. I am almost any attracted to sexy men who are intelligent. I do not have a prepossession as far as race, build or appearance. It all depends on what I see when I look into their eyes.”

We did not notice much eye-gazing in this scene. Looks to us love shlong is all that Whinny has on her mind.

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Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out

“The more I looked at the beauties who were fucking studs on naughtymag, the more I masturbated while imagining doing it,” Vanessa told. “So I decided to go throughout with it.”

Was mouthing and rogering with Juan all that Vanessa had hoped and imagined it would be? “Oooh, copulate yes!” this babe told. “Just talking about it makes me shiver, and thinking about it will keep me busy getting myself off at night for months, I am sure.

“I was not sure that I would cum seeing there were cameras and other people around, but I had, love three colossal orgasms during the time that we were screwing. Juan introduced me to a couple of recent poses that I’ll offer to fellows who need to bonk me in the future.”

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Ciara fucks her son’s nerdy best friend

Ciara fucks her son’s nerdy utmost friend

Ciara shags her son's nerdy superlatively fine friend

In her first porno scene, 43-year-old divorcee and Mother Ciara Ryder takes her son’s nerdy friend for a ride. She sucks his pecker, likewise, and spreads her face hole for his load. As XXX debuts go, this is very amazing. Ciara is very mind boggling. That babe has bigger than typical wobblers, a bigger in size than standard arse and a good bald love tunnel. That babe is a very enthusiastic bonk Mommy, which isn’t surprising. She is from California, Land of the SEXY HOUSEWIVES.

We asked Ciara if the people that babe knows would be surprised to see her here, and that babe told, “People think extremely of me and know I am a priceless, loving, decent, respectful female, but for some reason, they think porn is solely for bad people. Sex is a natural thing that most adults do. I won’t be this juvenile forever, so I might as well do this whilst I can.

“This is something different. I decided, ‘Why not?’ I don’t know why I waited so long, but we are solely this youthful one time. Life’s likewise short, and if it makes you feel good, there’s nothing not right with it at all.”

Back home, Ciara enjoys spending time with her children and volunteering for charities. That babe likes hiking and sports.

“I’m pretty busy,” this babe told.

And by the way: Just ‘coz this babe is rogering on-camera doesn’t make her an facile lay.

“I like to take my time to receive to know anybody. I like a lad with a wonderful heart and a worthwhile soul. Caring, compassionate.”

Will wanton do?

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Anal Explorer

Anal Explorer

Anal Explorer

What kind of carnal things are you looking to try, Hannah?
“I’m indeed curious to try anal. The times that a boy has licked my backdoor or fingered it, it felt really nice. I don’t truly masturbate very often, but when I do I have a buttplug that I adore to use. It is practice for when I finally do try anal. Sometimes I’ll just leave it in my a-hole all day because it makes me feel naughty to know that it’s in there. Then I’ll come home and take it out when I’m in the shower and it feels actually admirable. So I think I am willing to acquire the real thing.”

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Anal for Ashton

Anal for Ashton

Anal for Ashton

Ya got to love it when a 45-year-old female turns herself into a shag toy. That is what Ashton Blake did with her big, fake bazookas, pierced teats, pierced cunt and pierced tongue. The piercings match. That babe has tattoos, also. In a way, she reminds us a little bit of Donita Dunes, the MILFy porn star from the late 1990s and early 2000s. Plenty of piercings. Greater than typical, fake funbags. Deep-throats meat-thermometer and takes it up the butt.

That’s what Ashton does in this scene, her first at Evan, who’s only 23, has come over coz the water in his house isn’t working and that woman chaser needs to take a shower before work. Ashton seduces him with her hot body, and previous to lengthy, this babe is sat on the face of a lady-killer who’s young sufficient to be her son.

“There’s a lot of things I can teach somebody your age,” Ashton tells him.

There is a lot of things Ashton can teach a chap or female of any age. This woman knows what she is doing!

Ashton lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her funbags are DDD-cups. She’s married. She’s a nudist and a swinger, and when we asked her if the people this babe knows would be surprised to watch her rogering on-camera, that babe told, “My close family is in the know. Majority of my allies are in the swing lifestyle, so this isn’t anything surprising.”

No, but it’s very hawt.

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It’s Lovely in Vienna, Part 2

It’s Sweet in Vienna, Part TWO

It's Enjoyable in Vienna, Part 2

Lives: Norman, Oklahoma; Occupation: Smoothie maker; Age: Eighteen; Born: May 13; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 128 pounds; Bras: 36A; Panties: Usually boyshorts; Anal: It makes my bawdy cleft damp; BJs: Gulp; Masturbate: More than everyday.

“One time, I had sex in a public park during a disc golf tournament. I was there to support a friend, but I ran into a hot woman chaser and we ended up going behind a tree and screwing! The entire collision merely took 15 minutes!

“I’m naturally passive when it comes to sex. That doesn’t mean that I am inactive! I just respond more precious when the Lothario commands me around and tells me how to please him. I like a woman chaser who can take control.

“In the past year, I have graduated high-school, got my first full-time job, broken up with my college hubby and had my first two threesomes! My mature BF wasn’t willing to grow sexually and explore with me, so I dumped him. Around a week later, I fucked my preeminent friend and her hubby! A week after that, I took on two of the males I work with. It was a beautiful wild month.

“I adore cum. I always have. The first time I had sex, I was paranoid about getting preggy even though we were using a fucking-rubber. I had the lady-killer fetch out, take off the fucking-rubber and bonk my face hole until this charmer jizzed and I drank it all. But if I’m not swallowing, I at least crave the Lothario to shoot his stuff on me. I adore being sticky and covered in wonderful, hot cum. My much loved place is on my face, followed by my booty and then my knockers. I abhor it when the boy hits my belly button! It is such a waste of a precious load.”

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Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

Sara Jay Said A Mouthful

Sara Jay Told A Mouthful

Sara Jay is one of the most amazing oral stimulation experts in the big-boobed world. Considering all the many sensational oralists on SCORELAND, that is high praise.

Sara said SCORE magazine editor Dave that lots of lads don’t even realize that this babe has a tongue piercing until after she is gone down on ’em. She loves the thing in her tongue and this babe says that rapid, hawt tongue flicking is fine exercise, like lifting a little barbell.

Sara Jay credits “practice, practice, practice” and all the hands-on training she’s got from the many bucks that babe is sucked off.

“You cant just engulf the head,” Sara says, noticing that many angels, no names please, just don’t go all the way down the base of the shaft and only focus on the 1st three or so inches. Sara states that that’s incorrect, because likewise much attention on that area desensitizes the pecker and makes it harder for a lady-killer to cum later. Sara should consider teaching classes in advanced rod sucking. Maybe even embark on a national high school tour.

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Josie Ray screws her daughter’s BBC wazoo call

Josie Ray shags her daughter’s BBC butt call

Josie Ray bonks her daughter's BBC a-hole call

This babe is a Mommy and divorcee. She’s from Alabama, where the babes tend to be conservative. This babe is not a swinger, but she one time ass-fisted a gentleman up to her elbow. This babe is had three-ways with men and honeys. That babe came to our studio and got ass-fucked on-camera in her 1st scene. She has big, natural melons, and in this scene, that babe fucks her daughter’s wazoo call…her daughter’s 21-year-old a-hole call who just happens to have a larger than run of the mill, dark penis.

“I’ve always been told I’m a very sensual person,” Josie Ray said.

Josie has worked in software support and the managed-care industry, but she loves this more. Her erotic fantasy: a a team fuck. As for anal job, Josie told, “I haven’t had tons of it, but I’m ready to learn. I have had an assgasm.”

She had an assgasm in her anal scene at And now she’s showing that this babe can take on the bigger than standard ones. If u love Voluptuous HORNY HOUSEWIVES, Josie is the female for u.

Josie Ray detected us on Twitter.

“I saw your tweets saying that you were looking for ladies to film with,” that babe said. “Most people I know would be surprised to watch me here, mostly ‘coz of my age.”

Josie said her prefered poses are “on top or doggy. I can’t pick betwixt these 2.”

She doesn’t need to pick betwixt the 2 in this scene. That babe acquires rogered one as well as the other ways, and judging from her groans of pleasure, she indeed does adore them one as well as the other. But which position do you think she can’t live with out almost all? Can you tell?

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