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Meet Maddie Cross, a hot MILF with a bangin’ body

Meet Maddie Cross, a hot MILF with a bangin’ body

Meet Maddie Cross, a hot MILF with a bangin' body

“It’s very flattering to know that I turn on younger guys,” said 55-year-old wife and mom Maddie Cross, who’s making her worldwide debut at with a solo scene today and her first-ever on-camera fuck Thursday.

“I’ve always thought that older women don’t usually have that draw,” she added. Maddie lives in a college town in North Dakota, where the male students “have their girlfriends, but then they’ll have me on the side. Works for me. My husband I are both very open-minded. Life’s too short. You gotta have fun.”

Maddie is having fun in this scene. First, this beautiful, big-titted blonde with sexy tan lines tells us all about herself. Then she takes out one of her toys and shows us how she gets off.

Maddie is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. She’s 5’6″ and weighs 138 pounds. She has tits and ass, so there’s a lot about her to love. She told us how she came to our neck of the woods.

“I had mentioned something to my husband about being interested in doing something like this some time ago. He thought it was awesome, but I didn’t do anything to pursue it. He didn’t do anything, either, so, finally, he came home from work one day and said, ‘You might be getting an email.’ I was like, ‘Really?’ He said, ‘I submitted you,’ and I said, ‘Awesome.’ The first thing I did was go out and get some magazines…50Plus MILFs and 40Something. And then I went to Scorepass, checking out everything there, and I thought, ‘This looks like fun.'”

Now she’s having fun for your viewing pleasure. You can bet that she and her husband will be watching along with you.

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Anilos - Home To Her

AnilosHome To Her

featuring Felicity De Fiend.

Added On:

Mar 31, 2021


It’s time for Felicity de Fiend to get her rocks off with the man she’s brought home for the evening! As her lingerie and evening gown come off, her lover watches from afar and then joins in on the fun. Felicity is eager to exchange oral favors before climbing on top and riding her way to climax!

Your Dutiful Maid

Your Dutiful Maid

Your Dutiful Maid

Tomoko is a half-Belgian, half-Japanese girl who lives in Antwerp. Before you look at her pics, try to imagine what she looks like. No matter what you’re thinking, you’re wrong. This biracial babe is unlike any we’ve seen before, and we’re digging it.

Tomoko is dressed up as a maid. We’re not sure why. She wanted to do it. But, it helps build the fantasy. You’re a wealthy businessman, she’s your housekeeper, and she’ll do anything to make sure her employer is pleased. She’ll even let you lift up her skirt, gawk at her asshole and shaved pussy, and watch her masturbate on the couch. Because she knows you like it, she brought her favorite vibrator along with her to work today.

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Kim Kreme gets a facial

Kim Kreme gets a facial

Kim Kreme gets a facial

“My family and friends would definitely be surprised to see me here,” Kim Kreme said. “I’m usually conservative around people I know.”

She’s not conservative in this scene. The 41-year-old Filipino wife and mom is cleaning some dude’s house when she finds the guy’s son in his bedroom, jacking off under the sheets. Kim notices the tenting and is very intrigued. She decides she’d rather suck and fuck than clean.

Kim is a hottie.

“When I was 35, I had sex with a 24-year-old Marine,” she said. “I have sex as much as possible. Every day, maybe twice.”

She had sex twice in one day: once for the photo set and again for the video.

Kim was referred to us by an amateur photographer. She says she doesn’t masturbate often because “I prefer to have a man in me.”

When she’s not fucking, she enjoys cooking, gardening and exercising. She’s not into sports, but if you want to watch the game, she’ll pass the time by giving you a blow job. She also said, “I dress sexy. I like to show off my body. I work hard to stay fit.”

That shows here. At the start, she’s wearing short shorts and a midriff-revealing top. Heels, too. What kind of house cleaner works in heels? One who loves to fuck!

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The new 60Plus MILF’s first time

The new 60Plus MILF’s first time

The new 60Plus MILF's first time

“I was under the impression when I was growing up and into my 30s that men always wanted younger women,” Renee Kane said.

She found out otherwise when she was in her 40s. And now, at 60 years old–and thanks to the urging of her first ex-husband–Renee is sucking and fucking on-camera for the first time. The guy she’s with is young enough to be her son: 26-year-old Milan. He’s a customer at Renee at-home hair salon, and he gets a lot more than a haircut; he gets a blow, as in a blow job, and Renee’s pussy, too. Then he cums all over her face.

“I love to be watched,” Renee said. “I like cameras, I like videos.” She’s liked it ever since she went to a swingers club with her ex-husband and realized how much she liked the attention when she was fucking. But she never thought she’d be here, doing this.

Renee’s kinkiest sexual encounter: “We were pulling out of a beautiful resort on our 40-foot boat, and my husband was very hung over and very horny, and he was driving the boat and took his bathing suit off. And while cruising through the middle of open water in Chesapeake Bay, I sat on his lap and we fucked. We were out in the open, and even though people really couldn’t see us, it was just kind of wild.”

Guess what, Renee? People can see you today.

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Anilos - Wet And Ready

AnilosWet And Ready

featuring Mira Biliss.

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Mar 30, 2021


Let’s be real, girls don’t get much sexier than Mira Biliss. Wearing a short dress with a sheer, sexy coverall, she enjoys a snack in the kitchen before getting naked and indulging in her own needs. Let her show off her slim figure and the way her flexibility can really make lovemaking interesting.

Hubby’s gonna be late, so Mrs. La Fleur does herself

Hubby’s gonna be late, so Mrs. La Fleur does herself

Hubby's gonna be late, so Mrs. La Fleur does herself

It’s cleaning day at the La Fleur household, and 40-year-old wife and mom Denise is dressed to fuck. She expects her husband home any minute, and when he walks through the door, she’s planning on getting down on her knees and sucking his cock. Maybe tit-fucking him. Definitely fucking him.

But then she gets a phone call from her hubby. He has to work late and won’t be home for a while. So after Denise hangs up the phone, she takes matters into her own hands. Actually, she takes her big tits and pink, gaping pussy into her own hands. So Mr. La Fleur misses out but we get a show.

Although her hubby is a fool for not rushing home, we gotta give the guy some credit: He’s a big reason she’s here, showing off her body and fucking for all the world to see.

“He encouraged me to be confident and not worry about what other people think,” Denise said. “He’s totally supportive. He’s an amateur photographer. He’s been taking pictures of me for a few years now. He encouraged me to be even more liberated.”

She used to have friends who tried to shame her.

“I was raised in a very strict, conservative household, so we couldn’t even talk about sex,” she said. “I’ve really come a long way in a number of years.”

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Oiled SCORE Girls

Oiled SCORE Girls

Oiled SCORE Girls

Watching big-boobed girls dripping with oil never gets old.

The oily, busty, naked bodies belong to Korina Kova, Sigal Acon, Kim Velez, Cheryl Blossom, Bhiankha, Bunny Brooks, Venera and Lilly Bordeaux. They go through more oil than can be pumped out of Texas in a month.

The poll question was “When watching a busty girl on the beach or at a pool, what do you most want to see her do?”

Over 40% wanted to see her applying oil.

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Kayla’s Naughty Hobbies

Kayla’s Naughty Hobbies

Kayla's Naughty Hobbies

Kayla is from Montana–Missoula to be exact. She’s an outdoorsy girl, preferring hiking and snowboarding over noisy dance clubs and shopping. That’s not to say that she’s not interested in girly things. Her favorite hobby is sucking cock. That’s followed closely by riding on cock. And that, in turn, is followed by receiving showers of cum all over her face. You can see her practicing all of these hobbies in this video. Pretty soon she’ll be a pro, but we prefer her just like this. An amateur with a passion for dick!

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