Amora Lee, Big Fullsome funbags & A lot of Baby oil

Amora Lee, Bigger in size than average Bra-busters & A lot of Oil

Big scones and greasy oil go together love pancakes and syrup. Head out side with hawt and gorgeous Amora Lee for a total greasy oil immersion of her jaw-dropping body.

“You know why I cant jog?” Amora asked.

“Believe it or not, if I was to run down the street and back, my entire chest would be so red because of my milk cans hitting them.

“I sleep on my side. And on my abdomen. I just roll right on over. I can not sleep on my back coz with out a undergarment on, my bouncy bosoms just go off to the side.

“When I stand up, I see my pointer sisters. I can not watch my shoes. I’d need to lean forward a little.”

Amora works as a nurse in a nursing home. How do we sign up, and do we get a guarantee she’ll be our nurse?

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