Anastasia was going for a graduate degree when a SCORE photographer roaming Europe in search of larger than standard fullsome funbags spotted her. “If my classmates knew I model love this, I know the studs would perceive me differently and would, I am sure, try harder to get me into their beds,” Anastasia told him, a factoid this chab duly famous in his log. “Some of my professors would try also. I would await it. I keep my little secret and don’t speak of it. This far, no one has recognized me and if they did, they wouldn’t be completely certain it is me.” That is true. Majority people would have a difficult time really recognizing a hotty from a porn movie (unless we’re talking Kayla Kleevage), and if they did, it would mean they were watching porn, right?

At the time, a 23 year-old Czech measuring a natural 40-26-38, Anastasia posed naked, spread her beauty wings and stuck the toys in deep, then endevoured a bonk scene with a local fellow.

“I wanted to try it once, at least,” Anastasia told him afterwards. “I watch that so many charming angels are making porn and they savour it. They would be having sex besides, right? There is no longer the shame and guilt from years ago. I had much enjoyment making this.”

Some other college angel aided by the SCORE Scholarship Fund. Our motto: A behind is a terrible thing to waste.

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