“Cream My Pie” Requests Beverly

Let us get right to the point with Beverly Paige. Her ravishing face hole and her taut, juvenile cookie are man-magnets. She’s a little demure, a little teasing. Tony gets naked fast and sits on the daybed next to a fully-dressed Beverly. Sluggishly pulling down her tank-top, that guy cuddles and feasts on her ripe funbags, squeezing and fondelling ’em. This babe holds his shlong while that chap sucks her nipps. “I want a tit-sandwich,” that smooth operator requests. “Is that what u call it? Oh, a motorboat,” replies Beverly. She’s glad to accommodate him as he buries his face in her unfathomable cleavage.

Beverly stands to flaunt him all of her fetching body. Now this babe is absolutely bare. That babe leans forward and starts to mouth-worship his hard-on, her breasts resting on his haunch like a boob shelf. Bev sucks schlong adore a well-trained 40-year-old nymphomaniac MILF. Advanced beyond her years. This babe becomes his shag doll–soft, adorable, uncomplaining, enchanting. This chab has group-fucked many sweethearts but this one is extra-special. A creamy pussy injection will be Bev’s gooey and dripping award for being such a sexy and hawt copulate. Beverly Paige can make any stud blast a major load.

“I have been with men who pay no attention to my mambos!” Beverly says in a shocking statement that filled SCORE staffers with disgust.

“I adore getting my nipps played with and licked. I love it! I feel love, ‘Hello! I’ve these! Play with those!’ Guys just ignored ’em! They do adore it when I give them head. I have been told I am wonderful. You can not just put a ramrod in your face hole. That’s love a ladies man putting his fingers in you and that’s it. U need suction without teeth. You receive to use your hands and take up with the tongue the right places.

“You receive to check out your boyfriend and watch what this chab likes and what is turning him on. Everyone is different. I just don’t crave balls in my mouth. I’m all about the weenie. I will ask the boy where this chab wishes to cum–on my pointer sisters, on my back or my face. If this chab desires to cum in my throat, if it tastes good, okay, I’m phat with that. Studs like slit. Usually the titty-fucking thing is just at the beginning ‘coz they wish to try it.”

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