Born To Be Stripped

Born To Be Naked

Alia Janine abhors to watch dirty things. That babe has a gracious, breasty body and appreciates ravisher all around her. That is why she had to do something about this indecent ATV, a stunner of mechanical engineering in the same way that Alia’s chassis is a dish of nature.

One of the most-enjoyable sights in life is seeing a hot honey bunny washing a vehicle on a sunny day. Large, soapy marangos below a sopping soaked T-shirt and a man-pleasing ass wrapped in taut shorts. That is the true meaning of life.

“I usually costume in T-shirts and reservoir tops, unless I’m going out to someplace precious. Then I’ll wear a tight suit or miniskirt,” told Alia who called herself a “clothing removal technician,” a job position more cuties with the right bodies should fill.

Alia described herself as, “a slightly above run of the mill nerd with a pornstar body and a sarcastically dry, yet witty personality. And I party love a rock star.”

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