Bare At Blackjack

Stripped At Blackjack

Almost any card games are not designed in the player’s favor. But not at SCORE. The bet is elementary. If you lose, u remove a garment. If Brandy Dean loses, that babe removes a piece of garments. Either way, u win so go for bust cuz Brandy’s packing tons of hooter in her top.

Brandy’s a blackjack dealer but we love most of all to think poker as in “poke her.” Brandy bets that that babe can win the trousers off of you and if not, u receive her buxom body absolutely in nature’s garb and spread on the green felt for u to ramrod. Take the bet!

Brandy explained her philosophy about sex the final time that babe was here. “There’s subtle sex and then there is just sex. Sometimes u don’t desire to make adore. You want to fuck. Studs think the same way as honeys do, but males just usually desire to receive from A to Z. I’m more A than Z but not all the time. You got to have multiformity. If not, sex gets boring.” Sex with Brandy couldn’t ever be boring. No screwing way.

Miss Dean is holding a pair of 38DDD queens under her tube-top but she can be beaten. “Stores usually don’t have bras that fit me on the shelf. I either instruct ’em or do adore this one’s doing and cover ’em a little, but that doesn’t work very well,” says Brandy and thank heaven for that. Brandy sucks jock in ways that can make a man’s hair stand on end.

Brandy has the appearance of a sweet, corn-fed, wholesome mid-western beauty. Which she’s. But she’s too a hotty u urge for smutty, smutty, erotic, spit-covered screwing and mouthing. And we wouldn’t crave it any other way.

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