Bust You In The Face

Bust U In The Face

Being a big-bust feature, an endangered species these days on the lap dancing club circuit, Stephanie brandishes off her grinding and striptease talents at the starting of this clip. That babe takes fun in giving Enzo a woody. Who says big love melons do not turn a guy’s brain into a jelly donut?

After his own intimate show, Stephanie demonstrates what a great fellatio artist she’s. And that’s just for starters. Then the pole work, and Stephanie is as sexy as we imagined. “I’m indeed aggressive with my dances, and the boyz adore it. Each so often, I’ll go a little slow and be sensual, but I like being aggressive. I’m the same way in sex although making a episode with a stranger is a lot different than having sex in your home. But I have the mind of a porno star,” the big boobed Kentuckian says.

She loves male attention. “I wish to be looked at. I am used to being looked at all the time. I mean, I’m in SCORE magazine and the web resource coz I desire to be looked at. I go online and read the comments about me.”

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