Bathing suit Stretcher

Swimsuit Stretcher

Claudia Marie’s fans appeared in droves when the bodaciously-built Tit-an first appeared at SCORELAND. “Love her! So cheerful that babe came to SCORE!” BYaz commented. “She’s an astonishing performer. Not many can match her ability to mix a down-and-dirty pleasure of sex with such Southern sweetness,” writes CVN.

Claudia and one of our photographers went out side for this bikini expose, and the results are eye-popping. There was no way they could have gone to a public beach in South Florida with Claudia falling with out this dress. But since Claudia couldn’t have taken it off and played with her brick shithouse body anyway, it was more attractive to identify a swanky location and turn her loose.

How did Claudia make the change from a Mother and a singer to a adult star?

“I did not initiate until I was 33. I went to one of the industry unveils in Vegas with my spouse, and one of the companies saw me and said to Robbie, ‘Is that your girlfriend? Would she adore to shoot for us?’ I was love, ‘I cant do that. I am a Southern gal. I can’t do anything like that,’ but I did, and the response was so overwhelming that I figured, ‘Why not?’ I knew I was valuable at sex previous to, but I am from South Carolina, not exactly the porn capital of the world. It is a little frowned upon.”

And that is how it started.

“I was born to do this,” this babe told.

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