Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Super-sizes Her Rack

Danielle Derek is a busy angel, always on the go-go-go. She is been love that since we 1st met her in 2005. With her super-slim body and small waist, Danielle’s always riveted everyone’s attention.

A big-tit worshiper, Danielle super-sized her mounds, smth she’s wanted to do for a lengthy time. Greater than typical whoppers make her glad and slutty, the bigger in size the more admirable and the happier she’s, the hornier she acquires.

“These are my brand-new milk shakes, and they are 34 double-H!” Danielle excitedly tells the photographer. “They pop out all over now. They pop out all the time!”

SCORELAND: Danielle, how come you went bigger?

Danielle: I just wanted a change. I was fatigued of the size I was, and they did not have that greater than typical, round, fake look I adore. I like them super high-up. That plastic, slut, king-size boobed look. That’s the look I love.

SCORELAND: So u love the attention?

Danielle: Well, yep, that’s why I went so bigger than run of the mill. I love the whole plastic bimbo look. I like it for this sort of thing. I like showing off my body on-camera. I adore having a look that people want, which is that plastic, big titted slut look.

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