Daria’s Hawt Fitness Time

Daria's Hot Fitness Time

It is fitness time for hot, juvenile Daria. Time to acquire these bigger than typical fun bags in motion. Dousing her mellow rockets with cold water isn’t part of the usual workout routine but it does stiffen the nipps.

Daria has a greater than run of the mill exercise ball to bounce on and a kettle bell to swing. She’s willing for an invigorating fitness session and then she’s on to some juicy below-the-belt exercises and breast massaging.

SCORELAND: Daria, do you belong to a fitness center at home?

Daria: Not now. I prefer to do exercises out side in the new air.

SCORELAND: Russians like massages. Do u?

Daria: For sure. I adore to unwind after a rock hard day and a massage is a valuable way to do that. Rubdown has a lengthy history in my country. I get breast massages sometimes too.

SCORELAND: Do you identify yourself touching your boobies without thinking about it.

Daria: Yes, sometimes when I am awakening up.

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