Video Cuckold

Video Cuckold

Desiree Dalton, a 45-year-old girl from Orlando, Florida, spreads this episode by addressing the digital camera.

“Hey, girl,” that babe says. “I’ve decided to put on the camera and wanted to say congratulate. I know you’ve been away for a couple of weeks and I miss u, but I decided to give u a little present. Something to keep you excited during the time that you are away. So, what I did was, I went to the bar down the street and discovered this really good-looking skirt chaser, and you know how we talked about this in advance of? Well, I brought him home, and I’m intend to have u check out us bonk.”

Now, Desiree could have gone down to the bar and picked up a smooth operator with an average-sized dick. And since Desiree is almost 5’10” tall but weighs about merely 130 pounds, this babe might have wanted to be extra-careful about the size of the stranger schlong that would be filling her constricted little cookie.

But, no. Desiree threw caution to the wind and brought home big-dicked JMac. And what this stud does to her vagina…well, Desiree’s lady-killer had better come home pretty soon or else her sweet cum-hole will not at any time snap back to average-dick size.

Certainly, that’s for him to worry about. Desiree has no worries. Neither do we. We receive to view her engulf stupendous wang and acquire screwed. We have to see her engulf the cum with out JMac’s rod. And we actually have to wonder, Desiree: Did u do this for your Lothario or did u do it for yourself?

We thought so.

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