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 New Discovery

Desiree Vega saw one of our ads for models and made contact. One observe her tall, diminutive and big busted figure and that was it. “Here’s your airline ticket. Welcome to SCORE.”

Desiree can’t live without to dance, go to wine tasting events and shop. She doesn’t check out or play sports but she’ll look at the Superbowl.

“I wasn’t the bustiest goddess in school but I was one of the almost any popular,” says Desiree. It’s simple to watch why. “I acquire lots of attention and I like it. Once, some boy yelled ‘God bless The United States of America!’ when I was walking on the beach. It was laughable.”

Desiree has the all-American vixen look. Is there a kinky side to her? This babe doesn’t have the look that links to an alternative kinky lifestyle. No tattoos to be identified and just a navel piercing. That babe bears a resemblance to a glamour model you’d watch in a make-up classified advert. “I’ve attended a pair of fetish balls and events but I don’t claim any fetish,” says Desiree. “I participate if it appears pleasure.”

As a Bonus episode additional, Desiree chats in a Q&A and tells us all of her secrets. Well, some of her secrets.

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