“Gimme An F”

These who say that college coeds ain’t what they used to be hasn’t seen Kaytee Carter. This is the school of velvety mammaries. Kaytee makes a classroom and a campus the place to be. This babe lights up every place she goes to, whether it is the library, the rathskeller or the laundry room. That see-through blouse has campus police following her with cell phone cameras. When she bends over and shows her sheer belts, faculty and students freeze adore boobhounds on a hunt. Ok, so the aged biddies on the board don’t approve of her style of suit but let’s face it. Kaytee has got it and she is got it to spare. One of her instructors did try to change her ways by making her write “I won’t play with myself in class!” one hundred times on the blackboard. But that only made Kaytee wanna play with herself even more and inspired her to taskmaster the art of nipple-sucking as well as hands-free nipple-sucking and holding. We applaud Kaytee Carter in her pursuit of higher education. Just looking at her makes a gent higher.

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