Girlfriend Stealer

Girlfriend Stealer

Two total losers at bagging love tunnel, Dexter and Sheldon, have created superwoman Mandy (Daphne Rosen) in the privacy of their bedroom by using PC equipment and darksome science. Mandy can make all of their dreams come true. Sheldon, Dexter and Mandy cross paths with Sheldon’s asshole brother, Troy, a wannabe air-drumming, long-haired rocker. He begins an argument in the hallway.

“Who’s the doll?” Troy asks, eyeing Mandy. “Hey vixen, what street corner did those fruitcakes pick u up on? I can not make almost certainly of u brought a hooker into the abode. Mommy and Dad are plan to rip you a fresh one!” “That’s no way to talk to a female, buster!” Mandy says. “Hey, you ladies know my girlfriend Kimberly,” gloats Troy.

Busty and big busted redhead Kimberly (Contessa Rose) comes over and the 2 commence a disgusting make-out session to irritate the 3some. That man smacks Kimberly’s booty and guides her into the bedroom. She giggles. “S’cuse me, ladies and slut ally. I got man-slut work to do.”

That truly receives Mandy angry so that babe teleports the threesome into Troy’s room and zaps him tied and gagged to a public beach. Then Sheldon takes his brother’s place on the ottoman with Kimberly and pounds her, thank’s to Mandy’s magic.

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