Hitomi’s Guide To Bras

Hitomi's Guide To Bras

Hitomi brought a suitcase that was filled with bras and underware. Models do not voyage light, especially when they’re shooting. The number of lads who would happily lug this gorgeous babe’s suitcases would take a super-computer to calculate. Hitomi trying on a dunky in number of her large bras is solely one of the things she does in this scene.

Does Hitomi sleep with a underneath garment or without?

“I sleep without a undergarment.”

How often does Hitomi spank it?

“Sometimes I don’t masturbate for a whole week. But sometimes I do it 3 times a day, four times a week. I use a vibrator but not a stiff one.”

What’s the wildest thing Hitomi has ever done sexually in her personal life?

“In my personal life…I had sex with my partner in front of my friend on the same ottoman.”

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