Jenna and her amazingly long teats

Jenna and her amazingly long nipples

“They’re 3 quarters of an inch lengthy!” 51-year-old Jenna Covelli said of her outstanding teats. “I measured them myself. People have asked me if I’ve teat implants. I just snicker. I didn’t think there was such a thing as a nipp implant.”

Jenna’s nipps are outstanding, perhaps the longest in the history of They attract a lot of attention.

“I’ve probably caused a scarcely any accidents,” Jenna told. “I adore the attention I receive.”

Naturally sexy Jenna is a California gal if there ever was one. That babe surfs, goes whale watching, enjoys museums and the arts, owns a beach abode, has sun-kissed skin and bright, blond hair and still has time to be a Mom to 2 kids. She also has a perfectly constricted 36-25-36 body, in part due to her work as a personal coach and exotic dancer. This is a lady who knows how to give instructs, shove you to your limits and rock your world with her suckable milk sacks, firm gazoo and mouthwatering fur pie.

“I tempted a young man who was a friend of my son’s,” she said. “He came by the house looking for my son and I answered the door in a towel. I said him to expect, undid my towel and let it drop to the ground, showing him my bare, luscious body. He looked like this guy was in shock, but I could see the bulge forming at his crotch. I pulled him inside and into my room, removed his trousers and started mouthing away. Then I sat on his shlong and came multiple times.”

As for her nipps while all this was going on…

“Hard as pebbles,” Jenna said. “They always are!”

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