Breast Behavior

Breast Behavior

That spray bottle? It is for Juliana Simms to spray water over her sheer white Henley so it becomes see-through. It’s a stylish sight. Juliana is definitely blessed by Mamma Nature in the breast possible way.

Juliana is clothed to thrill. High heels, a blue miniskirt and that thin top. Life is nice for a breast-man. Even more awesome when SCORELAND can discover killer angels, and Juliana is every inch a dream girl–yet very down-to-earth and amicable.

“I am a worthwhile kisser,” says bright-eyed Juliana talking about what excites her. “I love a smooth operator who knows how to kiss a lady. To make me glad, I desire to have a rub-down 1st with meaty, gentle hands. Then that stud can make hard adore to me and–how do u say it?–make the earth move for me.”

And do not forget the spray bottle.

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