P.O. in Enjoyment City

P.O. in Fun Town

Sometimes u break the law and sometimes it’s the job of the law to break you. And that means that u might be on probation for a during the time that. You know about probation. You can’t do anything pleasure and all of a sudden u are wearing a recent piece of ankle jewelry that makes it difficult to go where you desire, when you want. And if u are unfortunate sufficient to be on probation, then u will have a Parole Officer. Now, a P.O. can make your life hell. They want you to pee in small cups and they break your balls about everything you are doing, thinking about doing or wanna do. But imagine if u will, that your P.O. was a hawt hottie with big titties. That when this babe showed up, it meant that that babe wanted a example, not of your urine, but of your cream. Then it is not so bad, eh? Now we will not lie to u and tell you that June Summers makes a great P.O., but we will say that when that babe says she’s here to “Bust You” that is supposed to mean she’s going to milk your dong with her bigger in size than standard juggs. If that’s the case then just put your hands up and surrender.

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