Baby Mom

Baby Mama

“Oh Katarina, you’re so alluring and hot whilst u have that baby bump that u make it so rock steel hard all the way throughout your video. I hope u will do many more love this during the time that you’re in this state of womanly perfection.”- lonly69

One of the many pro-pregnant comments about Katarina Dubrova.

The sole dissenting voice at SCORELAND was by WomenareAwesome, “I urge hotties wouldn’t do prego discharges. There’s no thing more disgusting than this. Sure, I may be the minority, but please, kindly hold off until their done their 9 months. Thank’s.”

Pregnant discharges have always been controversial. When Lorna Morgan, Kali West, Shyla Coyness and other angels were knocked-up, there were 2 opposing camps, with the pro-pregnant side the almost all.

While Kali at eight months did a Pantoons & Tugs with a woman chaser, she did not copulate when she was knocked-up. This babe did soon after that babe gave birth. Adore Shyla Shy, Katarina has gone full-sex. In this “warm-up” in advance of her next XXX scene, Katarina (here at eight months) satisfies, for the moment, her sky-high hunger for orgasms.

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