Top-Seeded Goddess

Top-Seeded Girl

In this SCORELAND movie, Katarina Dubrova practices her nipple training exercises in preparation for her peculiar delivery. First, Katarina devotes some time to sensuously fondelling her abdomen bump. She receives an enormous amount of pleasure from this.

Shaking her now-bigger pointer sisters, Katarina unhooks her bra to reveal her melons. That babe is wearing a maternity below garment that has supplementary hooks on the main thongs so a femdom-goddess can drop one cup and feed her kid. This babe rubs her sensitive teats and squeezes her velvety scones to acquire willing for her next step.

Katarina pulls a breast pump out of her titty-purse and pumps each nipple, perking up every pointer. That babe cleans every nipp with a peculiar solution, using her fingers to tweak her teats and make ’em stand out even more.

Katarina then applies a slight amount of lanolin to every teat and rubs it in very carefully. This is for the clear plastic teat shields this babe places over every tit. There’re three holes in every shield. Nipple shields are used to aid mothers and babies to breastfeed. It aids babies in latching on to the nipp and it also protects the nipples.

All of the breast play and teat training and practice has made Katarina very lewd and given her a boob-gasm so the final device she takes from her bag is a inflexible vibrator for her vagina. Using her fingers to widen her lips and rub her adore button very unbending and fast, Katarina works the toy in quickly and in her own favourite motion so she can cum rigid. This babe grabs one breast and brings it to her face hole while this babe finishes herself off.

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