The StarBoobs Barista

The StarBoobs Barista

While our lovely and big-boobed recent identify Kate Marie is working as a StarBoobs barista in this scene, she actually is a tea lover and since that babe is from Chicago, town of countless sports bars, she likes drinking games.

“I drink Long Island ice teas, I drink wine, Irish car bombs. If I drink a beer, it is probably Guinness,” Kate told. “There’s a actually fine drinking game we play. It’s called ‘Straws.’ You can have two or 3 or four people, and u all go to the same bar and usually u split up and u watch who gets the majority drinks for free, so u collect the straws from each drink. Then at the end of the night, you have ’em all collected and whoever has the almost any straws doesn’t must pay for drinks for the rest of the night. I have gotten ten straws. I won that one by a lot. Everybody else had a lot less.”

Now back to Kate’s tea time. “I’m a very heavy tea drinker. I collect antique tea cups. between the time period of the 1700s through the 1950s, and I’ve some from the Chinese dynasty. It is a hobby. I will go from antique store to antique store to find the right style of tea cup. I have some from Brazil. I’ve a 1920s tea cup. I have about 24, and they’re all different kinds.

“I collect teas on top of it all ‘coz I drink loose-leaf tea. There is actually a under garment that is made with tea cups. There’s no way in hell I could ever own it. It has 2 tea cups, and it looks like a Victorian top, but it is meant for someone with no love muffins.”

The solely cups we know range from DD to M-cups. We’ve yet to watch a T-cup.

Another hawt scene of this shapely and cute Chicagoan, this one ribald with crushed pastry and food play.

Prepare to fall in love and too feel adore having coffee and Danish.

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