Katie’s Morning Ritual–Part One

Katie's Morning Ritual--Part One

The baths is the intimate zone for honey bunnys, the place where they make their magic before stepping out into the world. It is the sanctuary where their daily routines start. Most of us don’t receive to see what they’re doing in there. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair. We see them when they come out all nice-looking and groomed.

The morning ritual photo and movie discharges peel back the curtain so we can pursue a SCORE or V-Girl into a place where no dude has gone previous to. Our beautification guide this time is nice-looking Katie Thornton, SCORE Greenhorn of the Year and Pornstar of the year rewards winner. Back home, Katie is a cosmetician and goddess shop owner. Girls usually do not brush their teeth and let the paste leak onto their mounds but there’re always exceptions to the rule. The editors envied the photographer of this discharge!

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