All About Liza

All About Liza

Who is Liza “36JJJ” Biggs? How did this babe detect SCORELAND? What does this babe adore to do for fun and what does this babe love to wear in the course of her day? How long was this babe a flight attendant on a commercial jetliner? What does she think of strapon pics?

Those questions and many more will be answered in this topless video-chat. It’s a tough job interviewing super-naturally super-busty beauties but anybody has to do it and it is part of SCORELAND‘s mission statement. You’ll even need to watch Liza’s surfing moves minus the surfboard and the ocean.

We’ll be seeing more of Liza Biggs in the months ahead. So prepare to be busted by this gripping beginner. It’s the solely way to fly.

Thank’s, Liza Biggs.

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