Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

This awesome lady is one of the recent large discoveries. Making her sixth appearance and her second XXX at SCORELAND, Miss Liza Biggs is back to rock and roll and dirty-dance. There is anal sexin’ too. It is all here.

A sous chef and former air hostess, Liza sent in her at-home snaps. Our eyes bulged out at the sight of her colossal bra-busters. She’d at not time modeled previous to. “You called me right away and asked me to adult model,” Liza told.

Liza’s first appearance generated greater than typical activity. Men who not at all send any feedback began commenting and emailing. The SCORELAND Blog especially lit up.

SCORELAND: So you adore tit-fucking, then?

Liza: Yes, I like seeing the excitement from the boy. The energy.

SCORELAND: So when you’re tit-fucking a ladies man, do you keep your eyes open and check out him?

Liza: Oh, yep.

SCORELAND: Have you ever been with a dude who ignored your fun bags whilst you were fucking him?

Liza: Not at any time. I have never been with a lad that was not into pantoons. That would probably be kind of subrigid to discover, likewise. It would be kind of hard to not be a tit gent and urge me.

SCORELAND: Well, they may love other things about you. Your gorgeous face, your personality, your eyes.

Liza: That may initiate it, but it always ends with my bra-busters.

SCORELAND: I am intend to guess that you’ve had quite a hardly any erotic experiences where the lad at not time made it to your cookie.

Liza: Yes, that is happened quite a bit. They’ll just be all horny about the fun bags. A few guys will just be a bit overwhelmed by all the boob the first time that we do it. It is adore what do you do with ’em?

Rocky (and his allies JMac and Tony D. from other scenes) of course know what to do!

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