Lucky Star

Lucky Star

“Erin and I love to go hawt raiment shopping together,” said Helen Star, Romanian rack star. “We don’t love constricted clothes. Nothing that exposes off also much. We adore loose raiment. I love to be comfortable. And it doesn’t matter. People can tell we are very big breasted no matter what we wear. We wear just about the same size and our bra buddies are almost the same size. Sometimes we get angry at each other for taking every other’s sexy clothes.”

Have the sisters ever dated the same boy? When siblings are so close, it is unlikely a woman chaser could ever come betwixt ’em.

“After the relationship was over with one of us, the other took over!” said Helen.

Usually the maturer sister in a family is the more outgoing and always on the go-go. That is not the story with the Star sisters.

“Normally, I am the bashful one,” Helen pointed out. “I don’t indeed adore going out much. I adore to stay at home and chill out. But I’m the greater flirt.”

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