Marketa’s Blind Date

Marketa's Blind Date

Marketa was one of the Czech cuties who, with her bosom buddies Veronika and Iva, dominated the hardcore hooter scene in the early and mid 2000’s. That babe screwed well and rock hard in a few SCORE DVDs: Big boobed Euro Maids, Marketa’s Big-Boob Adventures, Hard SCORE and Voluptuous Xtra 10. This babe appeared in over a dozen TSG magazines. Czech gals are unlike their big-boobed counterparts from other nations. Their carnal heat, exhibitionism and uncontrollable erotic energy is close to being unrivaled. U simply turn them loose! This scene is a classic example of Marketa’s bed-busting style in befriending the stiff weenie. See how this babe jerks her fuck buddy’s ball-batter into her face hole and all over her larger than run of the mill love muffins and proceeds to engulf and jack as she drains him of his worthy bodily fluids. America’s Got Talent? Try The Czech Republic’s Got Talent! Who are Marketa’s successors these days? They have some damned large bras to fill!

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