Micky’s Latex Suit

Micky's Latex Dress

The sight of Micky Bells poured into a tight latex suit can trigger volcanic eruptions around the globe. So we ask all SCORELANDERS to keep this set of pictures a top secret to avert a universal disaster. Thank u for your attention. Latex outfits are usually a mainstay of the fetish world but this number sure looks dynamite on this girl’s nice-looking bod. And Micky‘s so wholesome, glad and sunny-looking that it just can not make her look love someone who craves to search a smooth operator with a whip in her hand. No, Micky‘s more the gentle sort. “I like a buck to kiss me all over my body,” Micky disclosed. “I wish him to make me feel like a queen. I also love it when a dude tastes my pussy. That is the finest feeling. That is what makes me larger than run of the mill O the fastest. Sometimes, it’s not the actual sex, but the foreplay and the touching in advance of it that makes me feel fine.” Yeah, Micky‘s a softie at heart and that’s the kind of girl you love the almost any.

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