No. 3: Christy Marks

No. 3: Christy Marks

In the 20-year history of SCORE, there have been beauties with natural pointer sisters as larger than run of the mill as Christy’s (although scarcely any). There have been gals with girl-next-door appeal to match hers (although, once more, not many). But no girl has ever combined one as well as the other attributes during the time that adding Christy’s not quite insatiable crave to please her admirers. Whether this babe is tugging on her meatballs or getting her legs behind her head for a pretzel pose or mouthing and rogering (love that babe has more than any other adult model in the Top 10) or pleasant Karina Hart in Hungary or Angela White in the Bahamas or doing her 1st anal scene or making a favourable fan (the 15th anniversary contest winner) feel love a million fellows, Christy always aims to please. And she does.

“She’s not quite been the face (and other body parts) of SCORE the last hardly any years,” wrote SCORELAND member babyblueeyes.

Christy’s tour to SCORE began in an unconventional way. One night in 2007 at about 7:30, a SCORE browser from Fort Lauderdale, Florida called our headquarters in Miami, Florida and asked to speak with SCORELAND editor Elliot James. Elliot was packing up for the day, but the caller intrigued him with his talk about a naturally super-stacked 18-year-old from rural Pennsylvania who wanted to be a SCORE Gal. The caller (we not at all detected out how that smooth operator knew her) sent along some pics, and we knew the cutie this chab was pitching had what it takes to be a SCORE Girl: 44-28-36. H-cup love bubbles. A charming face. What more could any SCORE Buck crave?

The rest is humongous knockered history, or titstory, as we adore to call it. Christy traipsed into our studio for the 1st time on April Twenty four, 2007, and a star was born. But not a self-centered, vain star. A fascinating and modest star who was thankful for her chance to shine. We called Christy the “Teen Tit Wonder” when she debuted on the cover of the November 2007 issue (six years after Sharday first took a bow on the cover of the November 2001 issue as the “Teen Tit Dream”). This babe could not make almost certainly of how much attention we lavished upon her, then enjoyed every bit of praise fans showered upon her with out ever becoming a prima donna. We wish we had a dollar for each time Christy has told us how much she likes being a SCORE Cutie.

Christy was voted 2007 Apprentice of the Year and 2008 Porno star of the year, then was named the top fresh adult model of 2000-09 by SCORELAND members. This babe continues to be a fan prefered. Her fresh DVD, Here Cums Christy, is already a big seller. We’re indeed shocked that Christy didn’t finish in the Top 2 in the “20 for 20”, but Christy wouldn’t be surprised at all. That babe by no means wanted to be one of the best ever. This babe just wanted to be a SCORE Angel. The rest came naturally.

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