Spa Sex

Spa Sex

Orsolya became one of Hungary’s most popular and sought after big tit glamour models in less than one year after her debut. We first photographed her in 2001 in advance of this babe became a adult star. She still does glamour modeling and porn to this day, a tribute to her insane skills and talents.

This Classic (from Buxom Xtra 5) takes us to Budapest when Orsolya, a va-va-voom Buxom Girl, and a boy who appears like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s cousin hook up at a spa that u only watch in European documentaries. Zoltan walks over to Orsolya, whose mellow body is about to rip her swim costume to tatters, and says to her, “Your fun bags are glamorous, I promise you.”

This fellow sucks on her areolas with vigor and, tat for tat, Orsolya gets busy on his joint, engulfing him off with unfathomable face hole vigour, then sticking his stiffy between her larger than standard rogering knockers. Previous to long, Orsolya is having her backdoor fiercely rogered and throat filled in a scene that’s as steamy as the air in that spa. Hardcore clips are merely as worthy as the man and Zoltan gave it to Orsolya precious.

His ladykiller banter seemed to work wonders on her so maybe we should all try this line when we wanna pick up a big breasted beauty. The next time you hit on a girl, say “Your scones are charming, I promise u.” Let us know what happened next.

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