Phoebe’s anal encore

Phoebe's anal encore

It is encore time for Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and Mama from Nashville, Tennessee, and what is this babe doing this time? Getting banged in her butt!

“I love it!” Phoebe said. “It’s so wicked!”

And it’s, especially considering that Phoebe is dressed for the occasion in very amorous underware (this babe starts out in crotchless briefs that the dude doesn’t a predicament removing previous to fucking her cum-hole) and opens her throat for cum from the dick that’s just been in her butthole.

“Crotchless panties are great cuz the smooth operator can have to my cunt in a hurry,” Phoebe told.

Phoebe seems to be perpetually randy.

“Once I was in a store and saw a dude in Army fatigues staring at me,” this babe said. “He had the bluest eyes I had ever observed on a guy. It took my breath away. Aisle after aisle, I kept seeing him watching me. The sexual attraction was so hawt! I could have drilled him on the spot, but his troop showed up and that smooth operator had to go back to the base, and that was that. But I went home and took out my sextoy and fantasized about banging him.”

One of Phoebe’s fantasies is to “screw my way with out a traffic ticket.”

Smth tells us that if any of Nashville’s topmost are reading this, Phoebe might receive pulled over very soon.

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