Phoenix Anal-zonea

Phoenix Anal-zonea

A female adore Phoenix…you know that once that babe receives started, she is not intend to prevent. U know that once she receives her first taste of fucking on-camera, the second go-round will not be far behind. So here’s this 63-year-old divorcee, looking super-sexy in a fetish outfit that consists of a red and dark leather waist cincher over a dark spandex costume. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination whilst leaving just sufficient to the imagination.

Oh, by the way, for an encore, Phoenix receives her a-hole banged.

Oh, and some other thing: the ladies man cums on her rectal hole.

Fine. Very good.

This from a femdom-goddess who said us, “I was absolutely vanilla until I turned Fifty seven years old, and that’s when I identified that I had missed out on my Thirty’s, Fourty’s and 50s and decided I was gonna make some changes.”

This is one of those changes.

Phoenix’s allies call her “Nipples.” Now they can begin calling her “Analicious Areolas.”

“I did not become a nudist until I was 55 years old,” Phoenix told. “A not many years later, I got a tattoo on my back. I am having sex daily, sometimes twice a day. I’m doing things I at not time thought I’d do.”

Love getting ass-fucked on-camera. Love letting a total stranger cum in her mature anal opening?


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