Princess Racks Up

Princess Racks Up

Stylish, golden-haired Princess Pumpkins will remind longtime SCORE Chaps of the Greater than typical ’90s when an army of super-busty beauties took over the world. Month after month, fresh dream feature dancers with humongous fullsome funbags would appear on the covers of SCORE. You’ll recall the names. SaRenna. Minka. Deena. Lisa. Casey. If Princess Pumpkins could acquire into a sexy tub time machine right now and trip back to 1997, that babe would totally sail on the Boob Cruise. But that was then. This is now.

With measurements of 50-28-43, Princess is the latest member of “The 20 Club” for SCORE Gals whose chest measurement exceeds their waist measurement by 20 inches or more.

“I receive a lot of attention and I love it,” said Princess, a cam-girl. The name “Princess” comes from being a dom. “Pumpkins” needs no explanation.

“I’ve at not time had a bad experience. People just generally wish to know about them. I wear a underneath garment when I’m camming so I have something to take off. Otherwise I don’t truly must. They stay up on their own.”

What’s a day as a cam-girl love for Princess? A lot of masturbating?

“As a web-cam model I glamorous much spend all day playing with myself so I’d say non-stop masturbating.”

What about any special talents? We’re sure Princess has many. She even has a bush. That is rare with today’s adult models.

“I can turn a str8 gal bi just by looking at her,” Princess said.

Princess’s chat with SCORE magazine editor Dave is presented separately on clip.

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