Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

SCORE sent out an alert: Will the big-boobed cuties of Canada please contact us. We know they’re out there.

Livecam goddess Nikki Skye already knew about SCORE. “My hubby said me about The SCORE Group three years agone,” said Nikki of Toronto. Better late than at not time is one of our favorite sayings.

Modeling and camming are the most-fun things Nikki’s ever done. There’re 2 things she desires to do one day. “I still have not at all been on a plane and I have at not time entered a moist T-shirt contest.” We’re sure Nikki would win if that babe did. She’s finger lickin’ good.

“I adore wearing low-cut reservoir tops so I receive magnificant cleavage. I abhor T-shirts and turtle necks.”

When ya got it, display it. And yeah, especially you, breasty Canadians.

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