“Ready For Your Sponge Washroom?”

“Ready For Your Sponge Bath?” Is it nurse adventure time? Totally! Destiny is an goddess of mercy in full, constricted uniform and that babe is here to heal this malingering goldbricker with her wonderfully talented, lengthy tongue, full lips, hot, large bra buddies and pink cunt. Destiny begins her healing work with a sponge baths to get this sick boobhound’s thermometer squeaky clean. Nurses are so hygienic. Each patient needs nurse Destiny Rose to bring him back to full fuck-tionality! But, sadly, there is merely one of her. When Destiny gets weary of stripping one of those days, a career as a nurse is our advice to her. That babe has the job licked. “There is no thing like a nice bigger in size than standard, plush, curvy, hawt redhead and Destiny actually fits the bill,” is Jimbo’s take. “She is so hot and sexy-looking and the way she takes a load on her pretty face and pleasant face hole just makes it even more wonderful. She has wondrous scoops. She’s one of my favorites and would like to watch even more of this chick.” Hopefully, that day will return. We need the health care. Destiny’s prescription is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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