Ride ’em, Cowgirl!

Ride Them, Cowgirl!

Rockell is every inch a ‘Bama barn-buster! In this episode, Rockell cowgirls it and it is doubtful that there’s a hotter cowgirl from the south out there adult modeling like Rockell. Rockell explained how that babe likes her bigger in size than typical mammaries handled. Saddle up for pleasure, cowpoke.

How should a Lothario treat Rockell’s nipples?

Rockell: Well, I like ’em to be sucked on and I love them to be played with. I suppose I love them to be tanalised. Just give them 100% attention and you are valuable to go.

You’re ok with biting?

Rockell: Yep. You can a little bit, not too rigid. They’re sensitive.

What about teat clamps?

Rockell: I’ve used nipp clamps. I adore them. They’re not love my favorite, but they’re ok.

So your favorites would be face hole and hands?

Rockell: Definitely… if the lad knows how to work his hands and mouth, right.

Speaking of the beauties, do u have a name for them?

Rockell: I named them Attention Strumpets. They have a mind of their own.

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