Sally’s waiting for an ass-banging!

Sally's waiting for an ass-banging!

Sally D’Angelo is insane. This 63-year-old wife and granny is clothed for sex in fuck-me pumps and a blouse that her monumental zeppelins are pouring without, but Tony is keeping her envisaging. This chab is late.

“I’m intend to make him pay,” this babe says.

This babe looks outside and sees Tony dawdling up the sidewalk, eyes on his phone.

“Look at him taking his sweet-ass time!” that babe says. “Get your gazoo in here,” that babe says to him. “You’re solely a half an sixty minutes late.”

Yes, Sally is angry, and what does that babe do when she’s angry?

The same thing she does when this babe is happy: This babe copulates. So she has Tony take off his fetching clothing, verbally abusing him the entire time, and pushes him down on the couch.

“I know you’re lustful,” this babe says. “Stroke it. Rub ’em balls.”

She tanalises Tony for a whilst, rubbing her wet crack, not giving him any. And for a during the time that, it has the appearance of Tony’s going to need to take care of himself.

But, certainly, that’s not what happens. U watch, Sally wants cock as much as that lady-killer desires her vagina. So she finally strokes his 10-Pounder then this babe slaps his ding-dong coz she’s still a little angry. And then that babe takes out her boobs and sucks his rod.

And then that babe shags it with her constricted, aged cookie.

And then this chab has her slam her a-hole each which way and cum on her hooters.

So, you are probably wondering, “How would Sally have treated Tony if this woman chaser wasn’t late?”

Same way. No fuckin’ difference at all.

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