Hot Pleasant Sam

Sexy Sweet Sam

“I have a boob fetish,” says Samantha Lily. So does each boy reading this, Samantha!

“This angel will be an all-time legend if this babe chooses to be,” comments an anonymous SCORELAND member.

Samantha Lily is an killer new arrival, part of a fresh wave that’s making breast dudes as giddy as a woodpecker in a lumber yard.

“Everyone called me Pamela Anderson in school,” Samantha says. “I did lots of sports (football) in school. But when my bumpers grew likewise big, I was compulsory to leave football. My love muffins are enormous and I cant walk without a undergarment for lengthy. I always try on bras before I buy.

“When I needed to pass my driving license exam, I put on my very taut shirt with constricted jeans. I passed the exam, of course, but the teacher could not talk to me normally.

“I don’t remember the funniest comment a Lothario has ever told to. I’ve no idea why dudes have problems getting up the courage to pick me up. Probably they are scared cuz of my large chest, or maybe guys think that I am arrogant and merely date rich bucks. That’s not true.”

Samantha will be showcased in SCORE magazine’s annual all-naturals September ’15 edition.

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