You’re a cuckold, Mr. Skiphers!

You're a cuckold, Mr. Skiphers!

“Hi, babe. Why don’t you come sit over here,” Sara Skiphers says to her hubby, Walter, at the commence of this scene. Walter does as that chap is said. As we’re about to detect out, Walter always does as he’s told.

“See what I just brought home?” Sara says.

“What do u desire to do with that?” Walter asks.

“I just want to shag him. Wanna look at me?”

“Is that what u wish?” this chab says.

“I want to engulf his penis right now.”

“So suck his dick.”

“I will,” Sara says.

“Whatever makes u happy.”

Sucking JMac’s meat-thermometer whilst her partner watches makes Sara glad. So does banging JMac’s pecker. So does holding onto her husband’s leg during the time that JMac copulates her mature cunt. And then making her partner look at whilst she rubs JMac’s cum into her pretty face.

Sara is a 48-year-old wife and Mom from California. That babe is a first-timer, and we’d say she is marvelous damn wonderful for a first-timer. But, then anew, all of the first-timers at are great. Why? Coz they adore to screw. They aren’t 20-year-old girls who are in it for the cash. They’re in it for the sex. For the excitement. For knowing that they’re slutting it up for all the world to watch.

We asked Sara what acquires her off, and that babe told, “Fucking a skirt chaser with a humongous knob.”

She got that.

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