Tattoo Exploration

Tattoo Exploration

Scarlet LaVey is one of TSG’s almost all inked glamour models (with Dors Feline, Marilyn Mayson, Lolly Ink and Sabrina Linn). Scarlet got her first tattoo when she was 8teen years old.

In this particular movie scene, Scarlet talks about the origin and personal meaning of some of her many tats. She describes the process of being tattooed and what it’s like when she’s on the artist’s table.

What drew Scarlet LaVey to skin art and what drives her to delve deeper into this form of extreme body modification? What kind of tats and pix does this babe love?

Why does this babe, love other tattoo enthusiasts, turn her body into a canvas for living art in the 1st place? What’s behind her motivation and what draws her into the world of illustrated people? What body parts does Scarlet say she’ll by no means tattoo?

These questions and more are answered by Scarlet LaVey in the particular movie Tattoo Exploration.

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