Vanessa’s Hair Lap dancing club For Studs

Vanessa's Hair Club For Men

Contessa Rose appears love Katherine Heigel. A stockier, bustier, red-headed Katherine Heigel. Adore these redheads! Please unveil more of the revivals and “new and improved” Joanna Bliss and Lana Ivans. Hopefully their re-appearances weren’t just “one offs.” (Same goes for Cherry Brady.) What’s Kerry Marie up to nowadays? I remember when Kelly Kay’s Mom posed with her. How about doing a photo feature on some of the regular V-mag models and their mothers? (It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.) Well, in any case, keep up the great work. Thank’s.-E.S.

How about we too part the Red Sea during the time that we’re at it?

Kerry is great as always and still adult models back in the Great Britain.

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