Star Pantoons

Star Boobs

Adore her little sister Erin, Helen Star is here to drive males crazy. That makes them one as well as the other pleased. “It is fun to see a man losing his mind over my breast valley,” Helen laughed. Her deep cleavage is not the merely thing that lads go crazy over. She is the total package.

Now that Helen is strutting her stuff at SCORELAND, there is a world of lads losing their sanity over the sight of her. “I think that’s very satisfying to me,” that babe added. Her fishnet stockings and taut red jacket is the kind of outfit a rock star would wear. Well, she is a rock star here.

When Helen takes her bigger than run of the mill, pliable bra-busters in her hands, they overflow. When she wishes to cum, that babe rubs her like button and thick pink flaps hard and fast. After Helen has her explosion, this babe relaxes and chats with the photographer. At his side is the very adorable XL Beauty Mia Honey. Mia is the interpreter here as that babe was for Erin. They talked about her shoots.

“It was indeed, indeed great,” said Helen. “It helped to build up my confidence. It was a recent experience and I would do it one more time.”

They asked Helen what kind of dates that babe likes.

“Very romantic ones,” Helen replied. Well, we are in Romania, land of romance, candlelight, wine and dudes playing the violin in your ear.

“I love to be the dominant one,” Helen added. “I love to be the boss.”

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