Sweater Destruction

Sweater Destruction

Camelia Davis‘s Thirty eight F-Cups make undergarment shopping a challenge for her.

“I usually wear one most of the time for the support,” said Camelia. “It’s just hard to shop for bras due to their size. I adore and prefer to suit classically scrumptious. Not real revealing or hot, just enough to reveal and give an idea of my goodies, love a constricted pair of jeans with a cute top, mildly low-cut with hot stilettos or sandals.”

Camelia says she has a powerful sex drive and thinks about sex a lot. When she masturbates, this babe cums the fastest and hardest when she thinks about “…getting fucked by all my crushes and from thinking of a couple of titanic natural bouncy bosoms bouncing or squirting milk. I’d adore to play with a king-size, natural couple of bra buddies. Engulf ’em and view ’em swing in front of my face.

“I have girlfriends with small billibongs. They can’t live with out to feel mine and squeeze them and see how much they weigh. It’s pretty funny. And you know what? It kind of feels worthy. I indeed love it. And I encourage them to proceed coz it feels a lot adore a massage. I tell them not to avoid touching me.”

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