The Post-Pregnant Sex Expose

The Post-Pregnant Sex Show

Beware if u are lactose intolerant. Our ally Shyla Coy has been a frequent guest at SCORELAND this year. She was here at seven months knocked up and very hot for ramrod. This babe came back at over eight months with an enormous abdomen bump. (Discover out the SCORELAND Blog for her movie chat at eight months. It is a miracle the editors didn’t wind up in the delivery room with Shyla because that babe was nearly ready to drop.) We’re pleased to report that Shyla has delivered her bundle of pleasure safe and sound and is back to copulate one time more like the shapely SEXY HOUSEWIFE she’s. Shyla’s body after baby is post-partum thick in the abdomen and her bigger in size than standard breasts are full of milk. The very embodiment of fertility. Shyla was cheerful to share some mama jism with her boff-buddy Carlos. As long as the kid doesn’t get shortchanged at home, we were potty to see that and if you’re a pregnant and milker fan, you will be also. Shyla shows Carlos her recent pink maternity under garment that allows her to open the cups without taking off her undergarment belts and offers him a gulp fresh out of the tap. This man moves in and Shyla begins nipple-kneading, squirting the nutritious juice into his mouth. The milk flows freely as Shyla lactates. Shyla squirts his meat-thermometer, then sucks him off, tasting her own milk. He fucks her deep-cleavage fun bags and Shyla’s throat, then sticks it into where it all starts, her succulent, sticky, pink cum-hole. During the time that she is being fucked, Shyla keeps stimulating her areolas and oozing milk. When Carlos reaches the point of explosion, Shyla jacks his 10-Pounder love a farmer’s daughter and milks it until his own nut-milk squirts all over her face and chest. Milk. It is not just for coffee… or kids.

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