To Kill A Brassiere

To Kill A Bra

Is this the break-out year for Vanessa Y.? After photographing the smiling wonder-woman in Europe, SCORE invited her to the Dominican Republic for even more photo shoots that are heading for publication. The past year has brought more comments and emails about Vanessa, on both the SCORELAND Blog and SCORELAND. Some say that babe has flawless fullsome funbags. Others relish her down-home personality on-video. Many love her wide-spreading talents. Some mourn the loss of her Polish hairpiece. The opposite camp enjoys seeing her now-trimmed lady-lips. When it is all said and done, Vanessa brings an earthy, natural quality to the Big Display that has tit-men buzzing. The final four photos in this set of Vanessa simply standing str8, arms at her sides, perfectly illustrate the brick abode proportions of her full-bosomed physique.

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