What Do You Think?

What Do U Think?

Do u lads like big breasted, bulky beauties? Sometimes we wonder. When Layla made her first appearance in our January 2016 issue of Wicked Neighbors, we got some mixed reviews. Some chaps loved her cushioned curves, pillowy milk sacks and thick wazoo. Other boys criticized her for the exact same things.

We love Layla’s body. She looks love the angel at the coffee shop who flirts and winks and you are nice-looking sure you could take home if you wanted. She looks adore the kind of angel who could engulf a golf ball throughout a garden hose. That babe probably loves her hooters overspread in thick cum. We’d be willing to bet this babe likes taking it in the a-hole. When we spoke to her, this babe confirmed that that babe does like/do all of those things, but we did not need the evidence. We could already tell just by looking at her. That’s why we adore flirty, plump women. They work hard to make sure u have a valuable time.

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